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by admin on August 14, 2010

ghost hunter t shirt

ghost hunter t shirt

Is My House Haunted? Part II

You must read the original article, “Is My House Haunted?” to fully understand this article. I wrote about the strange occurrences that are currently happening in my home along with possible explanations for why they could be happening. I took a look at rational explanations for what seems like paranormal activity and let you know what I think is causing it. This is a continuation simply due to my experiences last night.

I’m not so concerned that I need to phone Ghost Hunters because it’s not really an emergency situation, besides my parents live downstairs and they’ll think I’m losing my mind! I feel that my grandparents are watching over my family and me because of the fact that the TV and fan get shut off after we fall asleep and dishes clink around quietly in the sink and occasionally, it sounds like someone’s pulling a chair out to sit at the kitchen table! These occurrences happened here and there and did not really have my full attention. I just thought of my grandparents and shrugged of the fact that something bizarre just happened.

The fact is there’s something happening in my house and, although I have an idea, I don’t know for sure what it is. What seemed like occasional paranormal activity is now starting to become more frequent. We noticed a few events over a period of months and now a two or three paranormal occurrences could take place in one night and the next night- nothing.  It seems now that I’ve opened a door or have become more in tune to the world beyond because I either notice them more or because I’ve opened a can of worms with my curiosity but things are really beginning to change.

My husband was sick last night so he was sleeping on the couch for most of the evening. My daughter was in bed at 9:00 p.m. but for some reason was getting out of bed about every twenty minutes. Perhaps she could sense something or maybe she just missed me! I was picking her up and tucking her back in and pausing my movie over and over for about an hour. I tucked her in for the last time and before I put the movie back on, I sat on the living room couch and enjoyed the silence for a moment. My mind started to wander.

I mentioned in my last article that I live in my grandparents’ old house and that they passed away there peacefully within about two years of each other. My grandfather’s death was the more recent of the two and it happened about three years ago. I just moved in during December of 2009, so I haven’t been for long. My grandparents mounted a picture of Jesus on the dining room wall and I haven’t been able to take down out of fear, superstition or because of the fact that it seems strange to take down a picture of Jesus that my grandparents put there simply for vanity purposes. I like to decorate, so I’m not sure how long I can leave it up once we start renovating. It is a painted picture of Jesus from his shoulders up, looking up and to the left with a halo over his head. It was painted on wood that has been shellacked so it’s certainly not the trendiest decoration. I could most likely replace it with a smaller picture of Jesus that goes better with my décor and I might not feel so guilty.

Sorry about the rambling, but this is what I was thinking about while I was enjoying the silence and gazing into the adjacent dining room. I looked around and glanced back over at Jesus when I noticed a light shining on the bottom of the plaque. It was shining on his shirt. The light took up the whole bottom of the plaque as well as part of the nearby window frame but there were no lights on at the time that would cast such a bright reflection on the glazed plaque. The chandelier was on a dim setting and there was no light at all shining directly on to the picture. I did not see a reflection coming from something else either. You would think that there was a direct light shining in that spot, almost like a large flashlight, though it did not take on a defined shape. I was hypnotized and quite baffled. That moment, a black moth suddenly started flying around the chandelier and flew away somewhere as fast as it came in and I didn’t see it around for the rest of the night or this morning.

I read online that moths are drawn to the moon and are therefore a symbol of “intuition, psychic awareness and perception”. They are also said to be a symbol of faith. I was shocked, excited and freaked out all at the same time. This would be a far-fetched explanation, but male moths are very much attracted to flames or infrared light from a natural source rather than light from a candle for example. Remember the light that was shining on Jesus? What if it was a ghost? Who is to say that the moth wasn’t a male that was attracted to an infrared light radiated by a ghost? Okay, now you probably think I’m going off the deep end, but plenty of you readers know that anything is possible!

This was just my experience in the dining room. I finished my movie and tried to temporarily forget what I saw so I could fall asleep later. I dragged my ill husband from the couch because I wasn’t comfortable sleeping alone. We went into the bedroom where my daughter left the TV on and it shut off by itself in front of us (which is rare). I’ve been thinking so much about the paranormal that I started to get scared.

I got into bed and asked my husband to put the TV back on so I could sleep. He did, but it shut off again about 20 minutes later. I just gave in and finally fell asleep. It didn’t seem like it was much later when I woke up.  It was very difficult not to wake up in the humid weather because everything was slicking to us and there was no air! I opened my eyes and it felt like someone had just stood up from sitting on the bed. The mattress bounced very slightly as if a weight had been lifted. I hoped I was dreaming although I knew I wasn’t. I fell back to sleep, woke up again due to the heat and the same thing happened. I did not open my eyes but I felt the bounce again.

Now I know there has to be someone hanging around our house, maybe even watching over us when we sleep, getting startled when we wake up. Some people might say we have a guardian angel or two watching over us. Some might say that I’m crazy or maybe some think my house is haunted. I’m going with my original idea- that my grandparents are watching over us. Maybe I need to believe this so I can function with a ghost in my house or perhaps it’s a way to keep them close. I do think that the light on Jesus is out of the ordinary.

By: Francis David

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Ghost Hunters

The ghost in my attic want to know if Zack Baggins (Ghost Adventures) is a complete tool.?

Oh, my lord. Please tell me I’m not totally cynical. I actually do watch Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi, or SyFy, or whatever the hay they’re calling it now. And I’m a nerd and love Haunted History; I have had a paranormal experience of my own and am fascinated by evidence of such. But this show on travel channel–Ghost Adventures–with Zack Baggins and his frat boy buddies…wow. I thought for this profession one had to have at least SOME scientific validity, not just over-toned arms and shirts that are a size too small. But maybe I’m wrong. You tell me.

And don’t make fun of me or criticize me for believing in the paranormal thing–I don’t make fun of you for your odd beliefs…whatever they may be.


He’s that meathead d-bag, right? Man, if that kid can get a show…

Just about every episode I’ve watched has trotted out some data that is demonstrably false. For example, the last one I saw had something to do with a Native American who was held prisoner in a Florida fort. They said he died there. It took all of 30 seconds of research to find out that he died in South Carolina, not Florida.

The most “believable” ghost stories consist of entirely unverifiable data. I wonder why.

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