Ghost Hunter Shirts

by admin on September 29, 2010

ghost hunter shirts

ghost hunter shirts

Much of the hidden treasure in New Hampshire is pirate booty, and Revolutionary War treasures. If you would like to search for them, there are two important points you need to understand before attempting to locate these lost treasures.

First, you need to do more research. I have included in this article some stories relating to hidden treasure in New Hampshire, however, it’s a good idea if you can research them further. The more information you have about any treasure legend, the better your chances of locating them. Using the Internet is a good start. Also, if you can visit the historical societies of the area you want to search in, you may be able to find more information.

Second, you should have a metal detector. If you do not own a detector, but are thinking of purchasing one, do not spend more that $450. A good price range of between $350-$450 is all you need. The more expensive detectors are for the more advanced hobbyists. They have more bells and whistles on them, and are very confusing to the newcomer. I use a metal detector in this price range, and I have been treasure hunting for thirty-five years.

If you purchase a metal detector, be sure to read and understand the owners manual. Learn how to use your detector properly, and you will find coins, jewelry, relics, and who knows, maybe a buried treasure. It does happen.

Here are eight areas to begin your search for lost treasures in New Hampshire.

Exeter– This town originates from the early 1600’s, and the Revolutionary War area. Get permission from home owners of the old colonial homes still in existence, to metal detect their properties. You never know what relics or treasures you could uncover. I have been searching these areas with success for many years.

Portsmouth – Like the town of Exeter, this a very old town which was an important seaport during the Colonial days. Get permission to metal detect around the old homes.

Stark Fort is located somewhere near Nutts Pond in Manchester. This Fort was built during the Revolutionary War, but remains hidden. If you can locate the site, many relics may be buried there.

Durham – John Clifton, a pirate, died after he buried a treasure he stole from a raid in the Caribbean. The cache is supposedly buried near State route 108, and the Oyster River.

John L. Woods Treasure – Somewhere between the Connecticut and Ammonoosuc Rivers, is a large treasure buried by John L. Woods. The town of Woodsville was named after him. The treasure is said to be buried near the sawmill he owned.

The Isles of Shoals – These are seven islands located approximately 10 miles southeast of Portsmouth. There are pirate legends of many treasures being buried on these islands.

Bound Brook is located on the Raritan River. In 1777 a battle between the British and Patriots took place here. Both sides buried a large cache of supplies, and possibly payrolls.

Hopewell – In 1778 British troops were protecting a wagon carrying more than 100,000 pounds of sterling in gold and silver coins. They were then attacked by the Patriots, and killed. The Patriots buried the money, but then were killed by British reinforcements. The treasure was never located.

It is important that you always ask for permission when entering private property. If you are going on to State or Federal Land, in search for lost treasure, be sure to check with your State laws about any digging.

Good luck in your search for hidden treasure.

© Frank W. Pandozzi

Frank W. Pandozzi is an author, TV Producer of Exploring Historys Treasures TV series, and a popular treasure hunter. He began his treasure hunting days thirty years ago. To learn more about Frank, please visit him at his website

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