Ghost Hunter Shirt

by admin on May 3, 2010

ghost hunter shirt

ghost hunter shirt

Economical Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are fast approaching, so most of the kids have been talking at huge length about the costume they desire this year for Halloween party. Following are the Halloween costumes ideas for frugal moms and dads. We hope you would like these ideas and these would as well be useful for you.

Ghost: Ghost costumes are normally inexpensive costume. You can just cut holes in an old sheet. Draw some of the chains, spider web etc on it with a permanent marker. This would give more thrills to your kids

Angel: Use a sheet like for the ghost, squirt it flippantly with some apparent spray paint and throw sparkle on it before the paint has a possibility to dry. Make a halo and the wings out of clothes pegs covered with aluminum foil.

Clown: Use incompatible oversized and too tiny clothes from every body closet to run away from the cost of a wig, make a hat from edifice paper or use an old one, beautify it ludicrously with flowers, pins, etc.

Tourist: You can use loud clothes; camera, cap, and maps sticking out of every pocket, just use your imagination.

Soldier or hunter: Living in the south, every body we know has disguise clothing, just piece as one whatever mixture you desire, apply some good paint to the face. You can borrow a canteen, scope and backpack from a friend.

Rock Star: Torn clothes, barb their hair using hair spray. Make jewelry with safety pins, clip on earrings, the dog’s collar paint their face with makeup… Only thing we bought was some spray on hair coloring.

Hippie: Any old clothes, sandals and dyed your own shirt by using some old fabric paint, which would not clutch out of the bottle good, cut the achieve and mixed it with water and dipped the shirt in then drew cipher on it with a enduring marker. Top off the outfit with a hankie or bandana, sunglasses and a pack of cigarettes (deck of cards) rolled up on to your sleeve.

These are just a few of the ideas, which could be used during our “Halloween Party”. Hope you enjoy them.

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