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by admin on June 21, 2010

ghost hunter shirt

ghost hunter shirt

Ghost Hunters Real or Fake?

I’m a huge horror fan and love shows about the paranormal like Ghost Hunters and the show that ran for only one year, Ghost Stories. These shows are fun to watch but I often question the validity of the audio and visual feedback that they attribute to the paranormal. These effects would take very little effort to create on their own. Is what they report truly accurate or is most of it completely made up for ratings? I checked out both perspectives online- those who believe shows like Ghost Hunters and those who don’t. Here’s what I found. (ghost hunting website) seems to believe that much of what is on Ghost Hunters is true. Many people wrote in to the site to ask the ghost hunters what they think. They claim that the reason we don’t see Jason or Grant get too scared when something ghostly occurs is not because what they’re experiencing is fake. Apparently, ghost hunters get better at what they do after they have more experience and after seeing different types of paranormal activity, they get used to it and are therefore less startled. We wonder why they don’t scream when something is pulling their shirt but this could be the reason.

Supporters of Ghost Hunters tend to believe more in the shreds of evidence because of the fact that the ghost hunters do their best to rule out every other explanation before defining an experience as paranormal. They keep a small fraction of what they find for evidence and are honest when they find nothing. You might ask how they manage to find everything that they do and what the chances are that something is going to happen on the one night that they visit the site. The T.A.P.S. team only visits sites that are said to be haunted on a regular basis so this raises their chances of catching some footage. Many comments online from fans of Ghost Hunters centered on the idea that people who don’t believe should prove that it’s fake.

Plenty of people watch shows like Ghost Hunters for entertainment’s sake but don’t believe most of what they watch. There are claims that the show could consist of smoke and mirrors along with a few fishing wires. Other ghost hunters usually study a location for more than one night and will often visit for a week or more to gain footage if they’re lucky so this adds to skepticism. Those who take ghost hunting very seriously may feel it is unfair for the homeowners or building owners to have this study done for just one night. This could tarnish their reputation if Ghost Hunters does not find any credible evidence.

Some of you might stand more in the middle, which is where I am. I understand the idea of people’s images being tarnished if they call the show and it’s validated on national TV that their suspicions are false, but at the same time, businesses might benefit from being on TV in the first place. Homeowners might have proof that their house is haunted making it difficult to resell, so they should be warned before they agree to go on TV (which they might do anyway).

I do believe in ghosts but I have my doubts that they appear one third of the time that they’re called upon. I enjoy Ghost Hunters because I like the topic and the possibilities are interesting but I don’t feed into everything I see. I try to fool myself sometimes simply for the sake of my own entertainment. I would be more inclined to believe the show if it were broadcast on the Discovery channel. It’s surprising to learn how sensitive some folks are about whether or not the SyFy channel is pulling the wool over our eyes. Lie to me; I don’t mind- as long as it’s entertaining!

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GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA!! (4.18.10 – Day 353)

What is Grant from Ghost Hunters, TAPS, always saying? What the…?

Can anyone tell me what Ghost Hunter’s Grant, is always saying, I thought he would say, “What the Fridge,” but I saw a shirt that said, “What the Fetch?” I have all 3 seasons, and I swear that is what he says, can anyone tell me what he says.

He says “What the frig.?” and also sometimes says “What the fadge?” because he has kids and is in the habit of not cursing.

Btw: Lucky T = a douche.

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