Ghost Hunter Gear

by admin on September 12, 2010

ghost hunter gear

ghost hunter gear

Mossy Oak’s camouflage patterns Break Up, New Break Up, Obsession and Treestand are best-sellers in the camo industry due to the passion and the creativity that went into every part of the design process.

Mossy Oak Camo began in 1986 in West Point, Mississippi with a hunter and a fistful of dirt.  Toxey Haas, now founder and CEO, was under his favorite hunting tree when inspiration hit.  Gathering up a plastic bag full of dirt, leaves, bark and limbs, he took off to a nearby furniture factory.  Once there, he brought the bag of foliage in and requested a fabric based on the bag’s contents.

After hours upon hours and months upon months of work, the original pattern was born – Treestand.  This line of camo completely rebuilt the industry standard.  Based off of elements naturally found in nature, Mossy Oak’s Treestand line did what no camouflage had done before.  Instead of simply making the hunter’s outline blurred and difficult to see, Treestand allows the hunter to completely blend in with his or her surroundings.  With the novel concept of using colors and elements found in nature, Treestand was the first step in Mossy Oak’s ultimately revolutionizing camo design line.

After releasing several more camouflage patterns, Mossy Oak realized one important element found in nature had been neglected in the previous designs: shadows.  Even on a cloudy day in open terrain, shadows exist.  An even more innovative line than any of the previous ones was born after incorporating shadow as the newest element in the design mix: Break Up.  Not only did shadows serve as an enhancement to the pattern, but they literally “broke up” the design to the naked eye.  Now, the newly-designed camouflage pattern, Break Up, was just as difficult to see at a close up distance than it was at fifty feet away.  It didn’t take long for hunters nationwide to recognize the brilliance behind this pattern.  The company quickly sold out of their Break Up line.

The current Break Up line, New Break Up, was released in February of 2002 after two enhancements were added to the design.  A realistic bark pattern and even more shadows, this time “ghost shadows,” were necessary for Break Up’s perfection.  Design artists scanned in multiple tree bark images to replace the original Break Up background.  After hours of working on this portion, the dark limbs were replaced by lighter, grayer oak limbs, otherwise known as “shadow limbs.”  These newly developed limbs aided in disguising the hunter by providing yet another visual layer between the hunter and their prey.

Mossy Oak designers’ passion for creating unmatched camo patterns enables wearers to focus on their passion: hunting.

Please keep the bio intact with this article. Article written by Jacqui Barnett of Camo Trading, source for all your camouflage decor needs.

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Do you watch Ghost Hunters?

I watch it but find the background music annoying at times. Especially when they are walking around and jump and say “did you hear that”? No, I did not because of the background music.

I also think they ask the same questions over and over again. What kind of questions would you ask? If I was on a battleship for instance, I would gear my questions to things that have to do with the battleship .After all, that is what the entity was involved in. Thank them for serving. Ask them what their name was and what they did on the ship. If in a library, gear it to questions on books and so on.

I watch the show sometimes and agree about the back round music ,it kinda ruins it. But i do still watch so something must be entertaining , a lot of it looks so real but other things i question.But overall a good show .

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