Ghost Hunter Equipment

by admin on March 26, 2010

ghost hunter equipment

ghost hunter equipment

Improve Your Safety On Ghost Hunts

Some people have taken to experimenting with ghost hunts as a past time. But if you are thinking about it, you might wonder if they are actually safe or not. If you are enamoured by the mysterious and the occult, perhaps this is something you would consider doing. Caution is not overrated. Read on for some helpful safety considerations before embarking on a ghost hunt.

There’s Safety in Numbers

Heading out to investigate something mysterious and potentially haunted on your own isn’t a good idea. The more the merrier. Not only is the event bound to be more interesting with several people but who wouldn’t want a group to corroborate your paranormal sighting stories if you do in fact have a paranormal experience?

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Taking emergencies supplies with you is a good idea. Ninety nine per cent of ghost hunts take place at night in the dark so there are hazards in dealing with unknown spaces. Carry a flash light, your mobile phone, a first-aid kit, and be sure you have snacks, water, and have dressed appropriately for the event and time of year. Carrying a nap sack with you on such an event is a wise decision. You can be hands free but have items with you that are on hand in case of an injury and for comfort’s sake.

Do Some Research

Increase the chances of a great ghost hunting experience by knowing as much as possible about the history of the area you are scoping out. Some groups go on paranormal excursions of well-known places that have had sightings in the past. By researching an area you can visit at the time it is most likely to actually see and / or experience something and by being aware of the location, you can safely go; knowing that you are allowed to be there and / or being familiar with any potential dangers.

Start with Organised Ghost Hunts

A great way to experience a paranormal excursion is to go on an organised ghost hunt. Ghost hunts, led by professional mediums, happen regularly. You may have even seen some of these on television in the past. A guided ghost hunting tour or an all-night séance or other event, led by an experience ghost hunter could make for a great experience that uses special equipment, cameras, and happens in a place that is known for ghost sightings.

About the Author

Compass Paranormal are group specialists in the area of UK paranormal events and ghost hunts. Check out their site for information about upcoming events and tips for getting the most out of your ghost hunt.

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Ghost Hunting 101 Equipment

I’m going to visit a haunted room in June, what could I bring to capture some strange anomalies?

Amateur Ghost hunter, LoL, I need some good suggestions on some equipment to bring…Help?? I’m only staying in the room one night….
Joker, HAHAHAHAHA…LOL!!!!! I like that answer….
Where do I get these things? Are they expensive? Would I have something in my house I could use? Besides a vaccume cleaner, LoL

Loaded gun
Vacuum Cleaner

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