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by admin on June 24, 2010

ghost hunter

ghost hunter

Officially Hooked on Ghost Hunters

I know I keep writing about Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters’ Academy, but I can’t help it. There’s a lot to say! I don’t know what it is, but I must be too active in the beginning of the week because it seems that I am completely burned out by Wednesday night. I mean I am ready for bed at eight o’clock. I took a vow last night to get a full night’s sleep every Monday and Tuesday after my 8:00 TV shows so I can function on Wednesday nights for Ghost Hunters.

I’m a fairly new fan to Ghost Hunters. I’ve watched the show in the past but never became as hooked on it as I am now! I used to watch it if it was on TV while I was flipping through the channels, but I never scheduled my night around the show. Last night I was suckered into watch America’s Got Talent and swore that I would throw in the towel and crash when it was over. My husband was scrolling through the Dish channel guide when I noticed what show was coming on next on SyFy. On man! Here we go again.

I did this last week. I got hooked on watching three episodes of Ghost Hunters instead of going to sleep. I knew I couldn’t watch just one! I was doomed. If you read my last blog about my own ghostly experience while watching this show last week, you’ll know why I was a little uneasy about watching it again but I couldn’t help myself. Ghost Hunters’ Academy is a blast and they actually captured some serious audio on this episode.

I think I might have actually been a little scared last night and it takes a lot to scare a horror fanatic. Sure enough, my daughter awoke from her slumber and walked so quietly into the living room that she scared the daylights out of me. I walked her back to the bedroom when she told me that the TV shut off by itself when she woke up and she wants to fall asleep to cartoons. She asked me why it shut off by itself. What do I tell her? I told her the plug might have fallen out of the back of the TV. I didn’t tell her that the same thing happens every night!

The rest of the night was uneventful as far as bizarre occurrences. I held my eyelids open and finished watching Ghost Hunters’ Academy. I was ready to give up on the next episode of the regular Ghost Hunters show until they gave us a preview of the house they would be visiting. They were visiting a house in my home state of Massachusetts and this alone was interesting to me. When I heard that ghosts might not be the only entities haunting this house and that there may be a demon involved, how in creation am I supposed to blow that off and go to sleep.

I was a little confused with this one. They had us pumped up with the idea that they were investigating a demon and that furniture was moving around the house. The young boy who lives in the house was said to have actually seen an entity with a black mask move toward him in the basement of their house. T.A.P.S. checked out the crawl space connected to the homeowner’s closet door when they heard a growling noise that was not at all audible to viewers. They were sitting inside the crawl space and taunting the “demon” by telling it that it is not brave enough to mess with them. They told it to leave the homeowners alone and that it’s not wanted. All of a sudden, Jason felt an ice-cold sensation on his calf, which then started to burn. He got up to look at his calf while bent over in the small space and notice a series of five razor-thin scratch marks. They thought they heard a voice again and then they came back out.

T.A.P.S. explained that they feel whatever is haunting the house is not a demon and that it’s probably something else trying to pose as a demon to frighten the new homeowners out of the house. The weird thing is the fact that they usually test the audio and visual feedback that they get and show what they discover to the television audience. They didn’t do that this time and they left rather quickly. Hmm, I wonder if they were scared and this was over their heads. Either way it was worth watching and thanks to my addiction to horror, I am once again exhausted! I’ll have to get some rest tonight because, on a lighter note, I’ll be watching Toy Story 3 this weekend with my daughter. Keep in touch for my review on that next week!

Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters’ Academy can be watched between 7:00 p.m. and 12 a.m. every Wednesday on the SyFy channel in HD with Dish Network. Good luck not getting hooked!

By: Francis David

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Ghost Hunt – Tourniquet

If your a ghost hunter, what is the most mysterious message a spirit said to you?

Like was it in a foreign language? or a weird riddle?
or just plain evil?
or clues to their previous existence,ect?

A collegue and I were once told, ‘You my two,’ after multiple, multiple disturbing sightings and sensations in a house. This one’s a little more cliche seeming, but we also found the word ‘pay,’ ‘written’ in a small, scratchy, dark rust-colored script on the floor of the same house.

A medicine man – friend of a friend – who had a stronger connection to the spirit world than either of us, came to the house and claimed that a woman had been raped there (certainly jived with our own experiences), and that it was done by several hispanic males years ago. One of the inhabitants of the house (during this whole exploration) was a half-Peruvian male and always felt ill and uncomfortable there – he ended up moving out early and is doing significantly better elsewhere.

But why the ‘You my two’?

(as a side note, I just read the other answers and – interesting synchronicity – we were attending Edgar Cayce’s massage school at the time, in Virginia Beach, VA. For a small clarification, he didn’t speak with spirits in the sense of this question. He was a trance diagnostician, and if you’d like to read about him – the best introduction is the book ‘There Is A River’ by Thomas Sugrue)

Edit: perhaps I should clarify. We were ‘told’ via Ouija board.

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