Ghost Hunt Theme

by admin on September 3, 2010

ghost hunt theme

ghost hunt theme

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Ghost Hunt ED HQ

Theme song from Ghost Hunt – anyone know the name??

The Ghost Hunt program from New Zealand that has the three people – think one is carolyn taylor?? Does anyone know the theme song and artist that sings it?? I think it was something like i’m falling but cant remember it and dont know who it was sung by – can anyone help??
I did that – went to the australia one but I guess it shows all the same questions on each or at least most of the sites. Coz why would loads of americans be going to the yahoo uk answers???

Try asking your question again by choosing the New Zealand flag at the bottom of this page, then re-ask it to people who live there. Not many people in the US will be online and come across your question and actually know the answer. Good luck!

also try looking it up online by searching the local tv station’s website!

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