Ghost Hunt Streaming

by admin on July 30, 2010

ghost hunt streaming

ghost hunt streaming

There are several races in WoW and each of them has unique starting zone, which means that a specific guide is needed for each race. In this case, you’ll only need it until around level 12. In this Tauren leveling guide, we’ll start in the first area that you know: Mulgore. You can find many methods to level your toon; you may want to look for a group to come with you, but at this time, a group is not needed because you can level quicker if you know how to do it right.

The right way to do it is efficiently completing quest after quest that available in World of Warcraft. There are 2 important factors to do this right:

1. Whenever you can, accept multiple quests simultaneously and then try to do several tasks in an area so you don’t have to run to the same location again and again.

2. Pick only important quests and quests that provide ample reward without wasting a lot of time; also ditch the one that only waste your time.

So let’s start this Tauren leveling guide. First, speak with Grull Hawkwind (the Tauren in green) and accept “The Hunt Begins”. Head out southeast in the area, after that kill enough Plainstriders to complete the quest.

When you’ve done, turn the quest and get “The Hunt Continues” and your own class quest. Right after you have obtained your skill, go to Chief Hawkwind and take “A Humble Task”. Locate Greatmother Hawkwind and get part two of “A Humble Task”. Once you have done, return to Camp Narache, submit the quest to Chief Hawkwind, and take “Rites of the Earthmother”.

If you have sufficient experience, you can visit Brave Windfeather and take “Break Sharptusk!”, and then go south to kill and loot Mountain Cougars pelts from Mountain Cougars. Once you have done, find Seer Graytongue to turn in the finished quest, and then accept “Rise of Strength”.

Return to Camp Narache to turn in the completed quest and get “The Battleboars” from Grull Hawkwind. After that, run east and kill the battleboars on the way to Brambleblade Ravine. Once you have found Brambleblade Ravine, kill quilboars and Sharptusk to obtain its head.

When you’ve done, head to (63,82) and enter the cave. Right click on Dirt-stained map to take “Attack on Camp Narache”. Go back to Camp Narache for now. At this time, you will be around level 5.

Through the short Tauren leveling guide above, I’m certain you’ve got the picture of an effective leveling guide that rely on quests: accepting and completing multiple quests whenever possible.

Of course, the guide in this article just isn’t perfect yet and there are times when you will be forced to grind to be qualified for the following quest. Another drawback is playing WoW while pressing alt-tab again and again to read the written guide is quite annoying. Basically, you will want a Tauren leveling guide that can eliminate both problems: in-game mod so you don’t need to keep switching your screen and “full questing without grinding” leveling guide so you don’t need to grind anymore.

See the details of a guide that can help you level your tauren easily at Zygor Guides review. Also check a few things that you can do to boost your leveling speed at WoW quick leveling.

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