Ghost Hunt Season Two

by admin on July 16, 2010

ghost hunt season two

ghost hunt season two

What Has Most Haunted Taught Us?

It’s been several years since ghost hunting show Most Haunted first graced our screens, but are we any further on in the field of paranormal discovery eight years on? After several seasons of investigations into allegedly haunted buildings, wooded areas, boats and anything else you can think of, have the Most Haunted team ever found anything that can be deemed as conclusive proof that ghosts exist or should the continually inconclusive results finally be accepted?

While Most Haunted – and many of its popular spin offs like Ghost Hunters – is certainly entertaining to watch, after years of poor results it’s difficult for even the most die hard fans to believe that the research conducted on the show is anything more than simple entertainment. After all, with several incidents in the press and in behind the scenes books where several members of the team were revealed to have been cheating and faking results, it’s not even very easy to trust what we’re shown on TV, even if it does seem convincing. Besides, they’ve been at it for eight years now – surely if there’s something out there, they’d have found it by now.

Many people, however, would claim that the above assertions display a lack of faith. After all, the Most Haunted team have certainly had their moments where something unmistakably spooky has occurred – but with no way to prove it or find out what it was, a ruling along the supernatural side of things isn’t really possible.

Television regulator Ofcom has decided that, following controversy over fakery and viewer deception, Most Haunted ought to be considered no more than an entertainment show and certainly not a legitimate investigation into the paranormal and, while that news may not be taken too well by the cast of the show, at least it means that viewers will know what they’re in for when they switch it on. You never know, if it continues for another eight years maybe the Most Haunted team will come up with irrefutable proof of the paranormal. So ghost and ghoul fans pay attention to the show as it airs on TV or live over Sky broadband when the famous Most Haunted Live shows take place. With several cameras placed in various static locations where they’re constantly recording and being streamed over the internet, you never know what you might end up spotting in the darkness.

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is there a season two of ghost hunt anime series?

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