Ghost Hunt Review

by admin on July 21, 2010

ghost hunt review

ghost hunt review

Ghost Hunters is a popular TV series on the Syfy Channel. What began as a small two-man, one-van operation in 2004 quickly expanded after the first season and The Atlantic Paranormal Society founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson were soon able to quit their day jobs at Roto-Rooter to work full-time investigating paranormal occurrences around the world. “This kind of show is popular because almost everyone has had such an experience or knows of someone who has,” says Grant Wilson.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson have been investigating and studying paranormal sightings since the nineties. Their team uses various electronic pieces of equipment, which they say is capable of detecting its happenings. Once TAPS members arrive at the scene, they survey the property with the owners, who detail what sort of paranormal spirits they’ve encountered.

Next, the team sets up electronic equipment at the hotspots and spends hours taking electromagnetic field and temperature readings. They record audio to look for electronic voice phenomena, film the locations with a video camera and take still photos. They often ask the spirits questions to see if they will respond with moans, howls, visual disturbances, or — most commonly — knocking. They will then review all the data recorded and let property owners know how they may deal with these particular spirits.

Those investigating paranormal occurrences may look for several different types of its phenomena. Ghost lights called orbs may float throughout the atmosphere and apparitions or disembodied spirits may suddenly appear in a room or on film. Haunted residences are one of the most common occurrences, with ghosts showing up to do their business, unaware that they’re deceased. Ectoplasm may ooze from walls, which looks like a green jelly-like substance. Demons — the stuff of horror movies — are usually summoned to do human bidding and inadvertently try to harm earthlings. Poltergeists are also common paranormal spirits; though they are invisible, these pesky beings like to move objects, make noises and terrorize people.

Since they began investigating such experiences, TAPS says they have recorded and reviewed thousands of hours of footage. Most investigations turn up very little, if any, paranormal supernatural happenings, they say. However, there have been several recordings of moving objects, inexplicable white mist and orbs of light, knocking ghosts, recorded wails and shadowy figures. These experiences are generally saved for the end of the show, but there is certainly sufficient drama throughout the episodes.

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