Ghost Hunt Pictures

by admin on June 18, 2010

ghost hunt pictures

ghost hunt pictures

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could my backyard be haunted??? (pictures inside)?

okay yeah i no theres cake and food and every thing but when you look at this picture you would see that there is some white blobs and i herd that when theres white blobs in a picture theres small ghost (ghost hunting)
oh yeah and in the first picture i kinda forgot to tell you lol my face got covered in chocolate so thats why i did that facial expression hehehe
no its not raining and no its not snowing if it was we wouldent be in the back yard lol

i personall do believe in ghosts. and when there’s white things like that in pix there could very well be ghosts in your backyard 🙂 hahah and no doesnt mean ur backyard is haunted not all ghosts want to come back from the dead and haunt you hehe, they may be an old relitive that has past and wants to look over you or even a friend of the family :)ou jst can never tell unfortunatly. try not to be too scared about it. the ghost or spirit ill eventually pass by sooner or later : )
hope this helped. 🙂


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