Ghost Hunt John

by admin on January 31, 2010

ghost hunt john

ghost hunt john

The supernatural city

Ask a Nottingham resident for a ghost story and most will be able to relay a local folklore even if they haven’t experienced a haunting. One of the most notorious venues for ghoulish activities is Ye Olde Salutation Inn. The city’s famous ghost walks start at the ‘Sal, and the huge number of chilling tales about this pub make it a wise choice. There have been reports of the spirit of a four-year-old girl wandering its caves, the ghost of a highwayman and poltergeist activity here.

Nottingham Castle nearby is said to be the residence of Nottingham’s most famous ghost, Queen Isabella. Isabella cheated on husband King Edward II with her lover Mortimer in 1330 and is said to still wander the underground passages of the castle where they were caught.

The Galleries of Justice sounds like a place that should be haunted and there are many tales of eerie sightings here over the centuries. Site of Nottingham’s courthouse and jail from 1375, organised ghost hunts pass through its aptly-named hanging corridor, criminal court and cells, the courtyard where prisoners were buried, caves and the chillingly-named pits! Paranormal sightings include civil war soldiers, a Victorian gentleman and old lady, and with a history of executions, punishment and torture, it’s unsurprising that visitors report feelings of peril and unease.

Go to the Old Angel Inn, a lively rock pub spooked by a singing ghost and the spectres of a one-armed-bandit and a policeman. The Old Angel was the site of two murders in the 1700s and was previously a brothel and a chapel. The spirit of a forlorn prostitute is said to wander the ancient caves below.

Many of Nottingham’s country houses and stately homes are believed to be haunted. 11th-century Clifton Hall hit the headlines in 2008 when its millionaire owner vacated the ancient school building after hearing eerie voices and knocking and seeing spots of blood appear and a girl pacing the corridors.
Woolaton Hall is a popular stop on Nottingham’s ghost-hunting tours. This 16th-century residence has recorded every type of spirit phenomena, from whispering, footsteps and howling to poltergeist activity. Room 19 is said to be haunted by Lady Middleton, who spent the rest of her life here after falling down the stairs.

Newstead Abbey is home to the ghost of a Black Friar, who appears whenever the abbey is under threat, while Annesley Hall houses a White Lady apparition who died in childbirth.

People going to 14th-century former Royal hunting residence Bestwood Lodge have heard spooky voices in the cellar, reported sightings of a grey lady and other apparitions dressed in medieval clothes and heard children crying and a horse and carriage pull up.

Be a believer or a bit dubious, these stories and hundreds others fit well with Nottingham’s folklore heritage. Tales passed down through generations or spirits of departed residents? Get on a ghost tour and decide for yourself!

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Y&R spoilers anyone?

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Thanks for the GREAT spoilers,,as always your right on,,,
I hear that the John lookalike is Great,,,do you think they may use the REAL John???

I don’t know about anyone Else BUT who gives a crap about the College Basketball Tournament???
Maybe we will able to see it on Soap Net??? I hope so,I cant wait to see this John Ghost storyline!!!

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