Ghost Hunt Games

by admin on March 15, 2010

ghost hunt games

ghost hunt games

Dress Up Games: Fun on and Off the Web

Are you into playing dress up games like Bratz games with your girl friends? You may not know it, but but have you heard of the (literally) flip side to an online Bratz games? While you may be an expert when it comes to tailoring, switching colors, clicking and dragging clothing over your doll base on the computer screen, has it ever occurred to you to play some sort of dress challenge with your friends in the real world?

If you go through your wardrobe from time to time to check out what looks good and what blends, then you definitely have a sense of what this dress up game is like in action. The next time you want to improve and fine-tune that fashion sense, then check out that your closet and lay off the computer for a while. Take out every one of your best and favorite pieces of clothing and lay them out like cards on the table. Then start trying things on.

The task for the day is to find anything that does not fit you well, or bestows a negative look on you. And although needless to say, it’s worth going over what are always true: it does not have to be something new to be good, it only has to look the best one for you. Who knows if you will suddenly put together some jeans, a scarf perhaps and a shirt that only needs some red boots to get new? Now you already have a clue what to aim for the next time you go shopping. And speaking of shopping, it’s time to find dress up games to play at the mall.

Shopping for clothes is essentially a dress up game by itself. It applies pressure on your sense of creativity, fashion common sense and sense of initiative. A more spruced up game will therefore sound like the following.

Get your close buddies to join you by bringing $20 each to the mall. Now this is obviously equivalent to half a pair of jeans, but don’t worry; the fun is just starting. Give the participants three hours to make a complete outfit, sans underwear and shoes, with a total value of 20 dollars.

The objective of the game is far from knowing where the cheap, ugly clothes are. The game is really having a pulse for great styles that are on sale. Get them fast and assemble with your friends later on. Jazz up your bedroom into a dressing room-cum-model’s catwalk ramp where everyone models their new brainstorm with some make-up and done hair. Then, when everyone is waiting for action, the $20 outfit contest begins! And go easy with some comments, since decades of TV prove that spoilsports and divas finish definitely finish last in the world of fashion!

Sometimes other dress ups game can be as radical as a an attic hunt for some vintage fashion finds. Yup, you heard that right, those moldy cabinets may not be holding bore-busting ghosts, but instead some incredible clothing discoveries! We really can’t judge them just because the mothballs led us to some biased impressions. Who knows, that print may just be the thing, or that hat, or those pants. It’s not safe to make conclusions about unwashed fabrics, you know.

Just like the online dress up games, mall games like these are especially good for capping an important assignment at home or exam where you gave your best. This cross between window shopping and artwork-making is a good way to pick or swap a few fashion pointers among friends, too.

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Lisa Park is a 23 year old author and a blogger. She loves to surf the net, watch movies and listen to music. Regina Spektor is one of her favorite pianists. Playing dress up games is also one of her favorites. To find out more about her just drop by her site.

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