Ghost Hunt Equipment

by admin on July 19, 2010

ghost hunt equipment

ghost hunt equipment

Most haunting if they are not troublesome, people can learn to get along with their spirit visitor or visitors and grow accustom to it or them being around after they get past questioning their own sanity. How ever if they are living with something that are pesky and just can’t be tolerated there are steps that can be taken to rid your home of your pesky visitor.

1: JUST ASK…. Surprising enough simply just asking your spirit guest to leave your home and go away can work very simply but it does always help if you can try to communicate with it simply by just having a conversation like we do with a living person. Yep I know you will feel like your going nuts and talking too yourself but trust me your not, your spirit will hear every word.

For example on what too say. Let the spirit know it’s has passed away and this is not the right place for them too be. Speak gently too them with love and compassion like they are simple lost children, help them understand there are family and friends on the other side waiting for them with open arms. Many spirits are just simply confused and some don’t even realize they are dead. Sometimes just a gentle push and encouragement is all they need.

2: The Ritualistic Approach……This is not for everybody but a simple ritual works and powerfully so. A ritual will help you enforce your intentions, focusing your thoughts and mind on gaining the upper hand on getting rid of your unwanted visitor out of your home as well at the same time ridding your home of unwanted negative energies.

Blessings, Water and Salt….As part of a ritualistic cleansing of any negative energies, you can use a sort of a make shift holy water by soaking clover in white vinegar for 3 days and nights starting the night before the full moon and finishing on the morning after 2 day after the full moon. Extend your power hand over the cloved Vinegar saying a prayer. Sprinkle some of this clover vinegar in each corner of the rooms in the effected house and then in the center of each room while asking the spirit to leave. You can do exactly the same thing with salt instead of the clover vinegar. It would help if you could recite a short prayer or blessings as your performing the cleansing ritual.

If this fails and your unwanted guest still is refusing to leave and pass on, I would then strongly recommend you get a fully trained and qualified medium to handle the situation and do a clearing and cleansing on your home. I don’t recommend going to the Churches but then that’s for one to decide what’s best for them. But I highly recommend too make the decision to go to a qualified medium for far more positive results.

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does ghost hunting equipment really work ?

Does anyone know of any grants for ghost hunting?

I have tried to start a paranormal (ghost hunting) group in my area within the past year. However, I would like to get some equipment to capture anomalies, ghosts, and other paranormal activities. I would like to have documentation on the “unexplained”, but do not have the financial means for the equipment to do so. If anyone can give me at least a website to obtain a paranormal and/or ghost hunting grant, I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

why not try writing books about your research, or maybe start with just a cheap voice recorder, any kind of cheap camera, and a video camera.Thats all u need to conduct a proper investigation. U dont need stuffs like EMF detector just like the clowns is ghost hunters AKA taps uses cause they are mostly bullshit and they only prone to pick up fake waves, A magnetic compass works way better than any available emf detector as it will not pick up any man made emf or so on but natural emf so u dont have to worry that it is picking up fake emf. So its actually cheap to start a ghost club, money should never be a problem when it comes to ghost hunting cause cause u only need cheap stuffs as i said like a basic tape voice recorder, simple magnetic compass, any camera and a video camera could be a plus point. Maybe start writing books on paranormal and your experience and publish it, that could make u earn some money and aid u in buying equipments, maybe start collecting few dollars from all your member monthly and us it to buy tools. There are lots of way to earn money. There r no such thing as grant. Is your hard work that pays u.

kind regards

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