Ghost Hunt Doll House

by admin on September 20, 2010

ghost hunt doll house

ghost hunt doll house

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Ghost Hunt (SUB) – Episode 5

anime similar to ghost hunt?

i remember watching an anime that had a similar plot line to ghost hunt. it was about a girl who is psychic and there is a guy following who is researching the supernatural. one of the episodes was similar to the doll house story in ghost hunt. if anyone knows what it’s called pleas tell me as its driving me mad not being able to remember the name of it.

p.s sorry for not giving a detailed description of, but all i can remember is that it was a lot like ghost hunt. :S

Could it be ‘Jigoku Shoujo’ ?

That series is really similar to Ghost Hunt.
And it has a little girl and a guy who look into the paranormal.

Hope I could help!

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