Ghost Hunt Cosplay

by admin on July 29, 2010

ghost hunt cosplay

ghost hunt cosplay

For all of those who work in the Public Sector, you can almost guarantee that they are working under professional guidelines and are accountable to a professional body of some description.

How is it that a person can set up a Paranormal Events Company and have nobody to answer to except themselves? Apart from anything else, the public that you are working with will be completely out of their comfort zone and the whole experience is fraught with some quite serious complications.

Obviously for those companies who are reputable they will have their own public liability insurance and ensure that they are covered in that sense. However, there is so much more to running an event with the public than ensuring that you are well insured.

From a personal level and as somebody who runs their own business working with the public, I would welcome the implementation of a professional body to oversee us and to make us accountable for our methods of working. The arguments seem to be based on who should be part of this professional body. The paranormal events company is a cut-throat and sometimes very unprofessional business when competitors clash and some of the business tactics can be very difficult to comprehend.

I would really like a serious debate to be held on the benefits of having a professional regulating body who can uphold our business and professional ethics. This would ensure that we are all working under an umbrella of security and this will definitely be passed onto our customers, the paying public. It would give them a body to complain to and ensure a correct complaints procedure is upheld. At the moment from my point of view the buck stops with me and although I do my best to ensure that all of our customers are happy with the outcome I would like to have somebody to turn to.

There is a real safety issues involved on top of all this. Anybody can set up a business such as ours, and this is very worrying. Although without sounding too hypocritical this is exactly what I have done. However, when I set up the business I searched for the professional body that I had expected to oversee us and there was nothing related. My solution was to join the Chamber of Commerce in order to show our guests that we take what we do very seriously.

All of these paranormal events should be enjoyable and every guest and team member should feel safe and secure throughout the experience. This is implemented by a company such as mine but it may not be done by others as there is nobody to ensure this. I think it is time for paranormal event companies to work under the guidelines of an ethical and professional body to ensure the safety for everybody.

If you would like to attend a paranormal event and want to ensure that the company you are booking with has professional standards then please call them and ask them how they operate and ensure that their safety procedures are in place.

Haunted Happenings are a paranormal events company based in the East Midlands. We carry out ghost hunt events at some of the most haunted locations in the UK. If you would like to join us on this terrifying, yet fascinating experience please take a look at our website at

Hazel Ford

Is the owner and founder of Haunted Happenings Ltd. Hazel has done much TV work and liaised with National press and TV coverage of the events that all include members of the public.

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Where can I find a cosplay uniform for naru kazuya and ryuuji?

I am looking for cosplay uniforms for these people.
Kazuya Shibuya “Naru” from ghost hunt.
Ryuuji from Toradora.
Not being rude but I do have an outside life. Karate, Japanese school, friends, etc. I am looking for these uniforms
because I am going to an upcomming con. Sorry if it sounded rude but I wasn’t being rude. 🙂 I hope someone can help me find a uniform cuz I been looking for one for a whole now. Thanks any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks again.

its pretty easy to cosplay as ryuuji, all you have to do is wear a blue wig and a suit ( ryuuji from toradora ep 19 when he went for the christmas party)
as for kazuya, make the wig black

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