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ghost dvd

ghost dvd

Top Benefits Of Building Your Own DVD Movie Library

As any movie buff knows, it can be very difficult to locate classic movies, especially when the clamor around the movie dies down. This grows increasingly true as fickle entertainment crowds rush to theaters and rental stores in droves to see popular films, but can barely recall the name of the stars a few months later.

Whether you adore the edgy pathos of indies, dun and silly popcorn flicks, the glossy slickness of Hollywood or all of the above, there are many reasons why creating ones own DVD arsenal is well worth the expenditure.

When to buy

If a lover of all things celluloid is smart, they will wait until the furor over a certain film dies down a bit and the movie is tossed into the bargain bin. The rate in which this occurs often, depends on how well received the piece was. For instance, a blockbuster like “Batman” will be popular for months after its official DVD release, whereas I doubt Ishtar ever made it to rental shelves.

No matter what, all films find themselves in the markdown bin. A collector who wishes to expand his selections will await this opportunity, as they will save money in the long run. Of course, if you just have to have it, then buying the film the moment it is released is fine as well so long as you realize this can end up being an expensive enterprise.

View favorites anytime

Unless you have TiVo or Movies On Demand (MOD), you can rarely see what you want to, when you want to. Even TiVo and On Demand can have their limitations. For instance, On Demand may only boast a small listing of low rent films and you can’t skip commercials with the TiVo interface.

This is why DVDs will always reign supreme.

With a DVD you can pause, skip, go back and even visit particular scenes you’d like to revisit. This latter feature is particularly handy for famous disputed occurrences, like the existence of a Ghost in Three Men and a Baby. You and or your friends can take apart this scene, which adds an element of entertainment all by itself.

In this way, a DVD movie gives you more than just the familiarity of a storyline and characters you have come to love.

Obtain collectibles

Box sets and director’s cuts can not only become cherished treasures, they may well evolve into well sought after collector’s items. The value of such things can fluctuate greatly as collectors tend to like these items in pristine condition, i.e., unused. However, this doesn’t mean one cannot buy twin copies of the film in question; one to place into safe keeping and the other to view to your hearts content.

Get director’s cuts and extras

Not every film is going to fall into the “best cinematic achievement of all times” category. I doubt “Ernest Goes To Africa” will be on any film collector’s short list. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t individuals who enjoy Ernest films and desire to have special versions of them, including those with Ernest P. Worrell terrorizing a hapless Vern in them.

These special DVDs can usually come in the uncut or unrated versions and many have commentaries from the cast or director. Others may contain posters or the ability to use a mail in coupon for discounted memorabilia for avid fans.

Now that we have you are fantasizing about the DVD collection of your dreams, you may wonder where you will put all these silver screen wonders.

Find Adequate Media Storage

DVDs need to be in a place where they are easily accessible and yet, if your menagerie is massive and out of control, it can make your entertainment area look cluttered and messy.

Manufacturers have combated this particular issue in a number of creative ways, providing people who enjoy movie flicks a chance to keep theirs nearby and out of sight.

Media tower – One of the ways to do this is via the purchase of a media tower. These towers come in a manner of materials and most often look like pedestals or podiums to help cleverly disguise what they truly are. You can find these towers in stores that carry furniture of entertainment centers.

Entertainment centers and armoires – these items come in variety of styles and sizes that can fit almost any decor. The nicer ones contain large amounts of storage for people who have a large DVD inventory. They also contain compartments on which a TV and DVD players can sit alongside other types of media players, like gaming consoles.

Media Cabinet – Media cabinets are somewhat similar to entertainment centers but don’t allot room for TVs or media players. They come in various sizes and can hold a tremendous amount of DVDs, while not taking up very much room themselves. They are also extremely cost effective and a worthwhile purchase for people who have a lot of movies lying around.

Media Shelves – They look very much like bookshelves, and in fact, a book shelve may also serve as storage for DVDs. These can come in aesthetically pleasing, yet inexpensive and functional styles or somewhat expensive and fashionable shelving that showcase your taste in silver screen offerings.

Keep collectibles safe

If you are into DVD collectibles and box sets, you need to be very mindful of locating storage that will protect your investment. Anything that can maintain the integrity of the DVD and is fire and water resistant may be the best option. Online searches may help you procure exactly what you need.

Holiday movie rituals

“It’s a Wonderful Life” started the Holiday movie ritual, but you and your family can start your own. It can be the same film, or you can even vow to purchase a newly release Holiday oriented movie every year.

Just know that whatever you choose, you will surely enjoy a movie library that is tailored to your taste, all you need to do is put a little effort in it to make it as unique and multifaceted as you are!

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