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by admin on March 24, 2010

ghost camera

ghost camera

A Short Introduction to Photography and Some Things to Consider When Purchasing a Digital Camera

Photography is the art of taking photographs of objects or people, which are then processed into an image by placing special chemicals onto photosensitive paper resulting in a photograph or an image to be captured on paper.

Some people enjoy photography as a hobby while others make their living from it. Many photographers use both traditional film cameras and digital cameras and some still tend to process their own images. What they like to photograph is a matter of individual interest since some people enjoy taking pictures of nature, while others prefer portraits of people, pets, still life and so on.

The Camera Is The Most Important Consideration

Among the best ultra zoom cameras in the market are the Panasonic Lumix cameras. Equipped with a superb lens, they take high quality pictures with accurate colors and exposure. There is no problem with purple fringing, (AKA ghosting), like other ultra zoom cameras.

Ah yes, and the perfect accessory for any camera is a photo light box, which is a controlled lighting environment. With their uniform lighting environments, anyone can come up with professional looking color accurate photos without shadows to upload on websites, online auctions or catalogs.

Many photo opportunities only last for seconds, if your digital camera is too busy writing the last shot you took to the memory card you might miss the next shot. So make sure the camera you choose has a fast recovery time.

What If You Delete A File

And what if you delete an image file by mistake from your digital camera’s flash card? Flash file recovery can recover any previously deleted image file. This is an application that every photographer should be aware of. It can also salvage pictures from damaged or corrupted flash drives (including camera’s built-in memory) and memory sticks. While camera or storage media failure is a rather rare event, compact flash memory cards (CF for short) are slim, lightweight easy to change out when full.

Great photos need great frames

Many people frame pictures and use them as a great gift idea. We get different types and styles in picture frame moldings.

Before cutting any stock, photo matting should be done because it helps you get an estimate about the size of the completed frame. Most photography or frame shops sell pre-cut photo matting, but you can save money using your own mat cutting system. This is particularly relevant when you are making frames for a lot of family and friends on a regular basis.

Medical Photography

Photographic recording plays an important role in medicine, especially photographic documentation for endoscopy. Photographic or video recording of diagnostic procedures is better than memory or drawing. Moreover, it is a legal safeguard as well as material for research and teaching.

Digital camera prices have fallen so much in the last couple years pretty much anyone can now get into photography. One of the latest trends has been the merging of cell phones and digital cameras, the size of image is still pretty small but technology is advancing and within a couple years I think we may be quite surprised at what our little phones will be capable of.

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