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ghost boot wizard

ghost boot wizard

Recover Data FAQ

More Recover Data questions please visit :

Please suggest a perfect free software for facts recovery?
I suggest Easy Data Recovery. There is an application named photorec that does an excellent opening of recovering everything from deleted files to files on formated disks. You can download it at . It doesn’t enjoy a graphical interface, but it has be able to recover…

Please suggest me for facts recover my Harddisk have crashed?
You can use spin rite one of the best data recoverer You can download it from here… Source(s): if u hold stored it in your d drive or e drive or any except c drive you can take it to a solution center and they will…

Please suggest righteous softwares for fun and also recovery softwares(preferably free) and also nearby links? is a free download, comes with 1900 games, programs, boots contained by the CD, runs surrounded by RAM disc (a virtual memory), and can be installed after you read the install help, so you won’t take out the other systems installed. This…

Please, anybody know, which is the best software to recover the JPEG (picture) files which are delete from my?
please, anybody know, which is the best software to recover the JPEG (picture) files which are deleted from my computer by my kid.… Source(s): google Search and Recover – delete files of any type can…

Pls abet me to recover the notes?
previously i had one admin narrative and a limited report.. i restricetd some folder(using sharing &security selection in the folder property) not to be access by limited justification user…..that folder is in the NTFS D drive……… but very soon i have reinstalled my OS… i cannot competent to access that folder…. that…

Pls back me, where on earth can i be in motion to download a free memory card recovery software. Free pls. entail is asap.?… Dude click on the below link to download to recover ur memory card Source(s):…

Pls backing me.. involve to recover lost notes?
hi kind ppl of the world… i enjoy a critical situation.. i’ve accidentally deleted files beside important information… and i already emptied my recycle bin.. im running on vista.. i did try some freeware similar to recuva etc but most of this softwares did not give me results.. even when it…

Pls Help me! External Drive Data Recovery? Sensitive Data onboard.?
Hi All, I have a Maxtor One Touch Pro 3 ( 750MB) External Hard drive specifically now not responding. The USB detects it. The Maxtor Manager( an app which come with the drive) say, no drive detected sometimes and other times tells me that it wishes to be formatted and…

Pls relief me to recover the notes?
previously i had one admin portrayal and a limited depiction.. i restricetd some folder(using sharing &security odds in the folder property) not to be access by limited description user…..that folder is in the NTFS D drive……… but very soon i have reinstalled my OS… i cannot competent to access that folder…. that…

Plzzzz friend relieve me out…..(data recovery)?
can you tell me how to recover background which is accidentally deleted . my friends pen drive background accidentally got delateecstaticplzzzz help meee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Use Pandora Recovery. It’s a particularly powerful data recovery software. You can acquire it from You can also use Recuva. You can get it from They are…

Portable complex drive recovery/Retreave background. Please abet.?
My creative zen vision: M is totally broken, the button to turn on is snapped sour and the battery is worn, deteriorated and the circuit boards are adjectives goosed. The only article left is my easier said than done drive, which i have Absolutely no mode of retrieving the data sour yet. My…

Possible to nick prehistoric laptop complex drive, place surrounded by an crate and recover facts?
Toishiba laptop won’t boot anymore and I need to go and get the data out of the rock-hard drive. I know I can’t place this hard drive into another computer as it will not boot, however is it possible to place it surrounded by an…

Power of information recovery?
hi friends, i need license code of power of background recovery 4.6 software , please help me gratefulness in adv “> Why not use free intricate disk drive data recovery software guides – instead of crackign programs? Or in recent times buy cheap ones like… Source(s): …

Power surge, computer crash. window have ‘recovered’ but necessitate to ensure information on strong drive is save. How?
Windows went through a recovery profile… come back and said no errors on system and indicated window needed to be rebooted to restore. On reboot system is asking for ‘start-up’ data… nickname the computer, etc. Concern is data…

Raid 0 facts recovery recommendation?
The problem with mugging 0, is the data is seperated between the 2 drives. Recovery is almost impossisble if the mugging is not functioning at all. If the mugging is running normal, try a standard facts recovery program. the best recomendation for data recovery on foray 0 is regularly backing up your information.. maybe in…

Raid and a recovery disk?
hi guys i am considering setting up a raid array on my p.c using 2 x 160gb sata sturdy drives (Serial ATA-300) and there are a few question i need a second assessment on the first is in regard to the re-installation of windows,for my laptop i normally use the recovery disk that…

Re answers to my cross-question gratitude for assist cant down nouns recovery disks the computer locks and wont down loh?
the computer just locks and i enjoy to switch off at the wall socket is the computer abad model its simply 12 months old thecmodel is the pavilion model number a6325 it wont nouns windows peak. just broad…

Re toshiba recovery disk wont install?
yes ,i contacted toshiba again they now voice hdd is totaly goosed and they will replace it under the warranty -thanks for adjectives help and counsel You really should update your question otherwise the general public who answer might not see this and other people will know you enjoy found a solution. Not…

Rearranging recovered notes?
i accidently formatted my hard drive due to which i lost some of my esteemed files accounting upto 53 gigs of hd space.Now i have recovered them backbone using data recovery wizard pro but there’s still a problem.It have saved adjectives my files in different numerous folders(like root,dir etc.).so, it is very soon difficult for me to…

Reboot and select proper boot.., using recovery disk?
Hi, im suddenly getting a message when starting comp saying ” Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot medium in elected boot device”. after several attemts i try the recovery disk and that says “setup did not find any tough disk drives installed on your compute,,,,(blah blah blah.).. setup cannot…

Reboot message on computer, and in a minute trying to use recovery disks?
I have a truthfully new Gateway desktop, and adjectives of a sudden a message popped up on a black screen i.e. propmting me to Reboot and select the proper boot device or insert boot media. It comes on everytime the computer turns on and won’t start…

Rebooting Toshiba computer near a recovery disk?
This blue screen kept coming up truism about a problem and that window had be shut down to prvent damage. when i turned on my computer (hopfully u no wat the ‘blue peak of death is’, it wont permit me do anything else except stare at the screen (apart from turning rotten the…

Recover background from drive………?
hi currently working with my win service pack 2 ….i freshly created am image database of my os using symmentec ghost surrounded by a seperate drive (g:)… tat drive i be having adjectives software’s nd files which r related to my project ….as i created d dummy file contained by tat drive (g:) the…

Recover .WMV files that get auto delete from recycle bin because it be full?
Ok i deleted more or less 10 gb of .wmv files and was going to restore them from recycle bin rather later, dont ask why lol. So i travel to restore and most of them are gone, i gather the files exceeded the recycle bin…

Recover Data from Hard Drive?
If windows be removed and then reinstalled is in that anyway to get weak files ect from the hard drive from since the reinstall? not sure if the guy above gave you what you necessitate, but I hope so, because my only guess, would be to travel in thru the DOS prompt, and you would…

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What is the proper procedure in cloning HDD to HDD using norton ghost 2003?

I’ve trying to clone HDD to HDD (master and slave HDD) using norton ghost 2003 or Norton ghost boot wizard. But after cloning when i set the slave to master the problem is after boot screen it freezes. Please help me

i use ghost 9 which is the same era as 2003,
it gives two options
1, backup a drive
2. copy one drive to the other

you need to run 2.

you need to install ghost onto c drive and run it from there, you do not use the ghost cd if nothing is wrong.

Also you need to disable any programs that can kick in automatically
eg live updates for windows, antivirus, antispyware. Rather than disable them I run them, that way they are up to date and will not kick in.
disable screen saver and power saving menus, set power menus to never in the screensaver power menu.
if you use a usb drive set usb power management to never in device manager.
disable any automatic programs like diskeeper or second copy or what ever.

copy drive to another ghost 9
You can copy the contents of one hard drive to another. You can copy your operating system, applications, and data to a new hard drive. If the hard drive you are copying contains more than one partition, you must copy the partitions one at a time to the new hard drive.

You can use the Copy Drives feature when you upgrade to a larger hard drive or when you add a second hard drive and keep the original. You should not use the Copy Drives feature to set up a hard drive that will be used in another computer.

backup drive ghost 9
You can create a backup image manually. This is particularly useful if you are about to install a new product, some critical files have changed, or many file changes have occurred in a session, and you need to create a backup immediately. This is also useful if you want to make an initial backup image of a computer to ensure it is successful, then use the Schedule Incremental Backups (Backup Job Wizard) feature to automate the creation of any subsequent backups.

If you prefer to schedule the creation of backup images instead of creating them manually, use the Backup Jobs Wizard.

Norton Ghost supports saving backup image files to a network hard disk or to a local hard disk (including USB and FireWire drives, Zip, JAZ, SuperDisk, and magneto-optical). It does not support saving backup image files directly to a tape drive. To save backups to tape, save the backup to another drive, then use your existing tape backup strategy to save the backup image to tape.

During the creation of backup images, you should exit any partitioning software that is running, such as Norton PartitionMagic.

You can use Norton Ghost to back up a database.

To manually create a backup image

In the basic view of the Norton Ghost window, click Tools > Back Up Drive.
Click Next.
Select one or more drives to back up.
A separate backup image file will be created for each drive you select.

You can click a drive letter to view a graphical representation of the drives used and total free space.

A drive with a red “X” next to it indicates that the drive is not available for backing up. This is usually because the drive has been deleted, or the entire hard disk has been removed from the computer since you installed Norton Ghost.

Click Next.
Select the location where you want the backup images stored:Local file
Stores the backup images on the computer that is being backed up.

Specify a drive and folder (for example, E:Data_Backups).

Network file
Stores the backup images on the network.

Specify a UNC path (servershare) to a folder on the network where you want the backup image stored, or click Browse to navigate to the network folder.

In the Backup Job Wizard, click Next. In the Connect As window, type a domain or computer name, user name, and password, then click OK to return to the Wizard.

Stores the backup images on disk media.

Make sure the media is new and blank. Partially written CD or DVD media should not be used.

Click CD-RW/DVD-RW, then specify the CD or DVD drive where the backup images will be sent.

If you do not have a writable CD or DVD drive, this option will not appear.

If you receive a message stating that there may not be enough available space at the specified location, you should specify a new location rather than continuing with the Wizard and possibly not being able to save a complete backup image.

If you want to rename a backup image instead of using the default filename, select a backup image filename from the list box, click Rename, then type a new name.
If a backup image spans multiple media, the filenames for subsequent files will be appended with _S01, _S02, and so forth. For example, if the default filename were C_Drive.V2i, the second filename would be C_Drive_S01.V2i, and so on.

Click Next.
In the Compression drop-down list, select one of following compression levels:
If you want to determine whether a backup image file is valid or corrupt immediately following its creation select Verify backup image file after creation.
If you want to split the backup image file into smaller files, then select Divide the backup image into smaller files to simplify archiving, then type the maximum size (in MB) for each file.
For example, if you plan to copy a backup image to CDs, specify a file size of 700 MB or less.

In the Description text box, type a description that you want associated with the backup image.
The backup image file size and creation date are automatically appended to the description, so you do not need to enter this information.

If you want to set additional options such as adding a password to the backup image, click Advanced.
When you finished setting the advanced options, click OK to return to the Wizard.

Click Next to review the backup options you have selected.
Click Next to create the backup image immediately.
You can click Close to exit the Wizard or you can exit Norton Ghost entirely; the backup will continue until it is finished.

restore a drive ghost9
If you are able to access the operating system on a troubled computer, you can use the Restore Drive Wizard to restore an entire backup image of a data drive with no rebooting. This method of recovery, known as a hot restore, is useful if you have experienced the complete loss of a data drive.

You can restore a full image or a base image by selecting a .v2i file, or you can select an incremental backup (.iv2i file) that was taken at the point in time to which you want to restore the drive. If you select an incremental backup, the restore process will automatically detect any previous incrementals and the base image associated with that incremental.

Any drive that you restore can be automatically resized smaller to fit the selected destination (assuming the amount of data in the partition does not exceed the size of the destination drive).

For example, if you have a backup image of a 6 GB drive that contains 3 GB of data, and you want to restore the backup to a 4 GB drive, the 6 GB drive being restored is proportionally resized down to 4 GB to fit the destination drive size.

To restore a backup image

Do one of the following:
In the basic view of Norton Ghost, click Restore a Drive.
In the advanced view of Norton Ghost, click Tools > Restore drive.
Click Next.
Select the backup image file that you are restoring from by selecting one of the following options:Restore from Description
Local file
Restores a backup image located on the connected computer. Specify a drive and folder where the backup image is stored. For example, E:Data_Backups

To restore a backup image that is located on disc media, browse to the CD or DVD drive and folder where the backup image is located. Make sure the media is in the drive before clicking Browse.

Network file
Restores a backup image that is located on the network. Specify a UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path on the network where the backup image is stored, or click Browse to navigate to the network folder where the backup image is stored.

For example, computersharefile

In the Restore Drive Wizard, click Next. In the Connect As window, type a domain or computer name, user name, and password, then click OK to return to the Wizard.

If the backup image is password-protected, type the password in the Password text box, then click OK.
Click Next.
In the Restore Destination window, select the destination where you want to restore the backup image file.
If there is not enough free space to restore a backup image file, you can press to select multiple, contiguous destinations that exist on the same hard drive.

Click Next.
Set how you want the restore to be performed. Your options are:Options Description
Verify image file before restore
Determines whether a backup image file is valid or corrupt before restoring it.

Check for file system errors
Check the restored drive for errors after restoring the backup image file.

Resize drive to fill unallocated space
Automatically expand the drive to occupy the destination drive’s remaining unallocated space.

Set drive active (for booting OS)
Makes the restored drive the active partition (the drive the computer boots from).

Partition type
Select one of the following:
Primary partition: To restore as a primary partition
Logical partition: To restore as a logical partition inside an extended partition

Drive letter
Select a drive letter you want assigned to the partition from the Drive letter drop-down list.

The actual options available are dependent on the restore destination you selected in the previous step.
Click Next to review the restore options you have selected.
Click Next to restore the image.
If the Wizard cannot lock the drive to perform the restoration under Windows, it will prompt you to insert the product CD and manually boot into the recovery environment so you can comple

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