Free Ghost Hunting Forms

by admin on June 25, 2010

free ghost hunting forms

free ghost hunting forms

Yelling, begging, pleading to make contact with a spirit in a paranormal investigation may seem par for the course, yet doesn’t this strike you as slightly pathetic? When dealing with an intelligent entity, one must remember that the reason you are investigating is because that entity has in some way chosen to make itself known.

A paranormal investigation can be compared to a blind date, would you force yourself on a woman or man on your first date? Hopefully you answered an immediate no, otherwise you may be heading for a room with a view, but that view is behind bars of a prison.

The question that confronts all those serious in paranormal investigating is how to make contact in the shortest amount of time. The clock is always ticking fast in any investigation. Most investigations take place over a few hours, or usually a night, as owners seem to do not want to have us “ghost hunters” around for an extended period of time.

The answer is not unlike a first date when you make small talk. When this “small talk” used in combination with respect, and empathy, and of course with the essential that any ghost hunter needs, this can be a winning formula for paranormal research. Presenting yourself as a rational and respectful investigator can be very successful in generating the contact you are seeking. If you feel you have to force yourself on the spirit then perhaps the Spirit doesn’t want your company. I can cite many instances when this “small talk” worked for me and my team members. The one that sticks out the most is the investigation in a small jail in Sutters Mill California, where using small talk with a mix of empathy generated over twenty minutes of contact that was off the charts.

Like any relationship if it fails then you’ll be wise to leave well enough alone and either go back at another time, or leave it to another investigator. Sometimes its just not meant to be.

Remember a spirit existing on a different plane, is usually immune to machismo like taunts, they may have not moved on, but they have more often then not have moved beyond that. So in conclusion in my opinion be cordial and don’t force it, it will all come naturally.

Written By Bill Cuppernell: Bill is the founder of Night Prowlers Ghost Hunting Society based out of Orange County, CA. Bill has been investigating the Paranormal since he was in his teens and actively leads and particpates in investigations throughout California. Bill’s favorite places to investigate are Hotels, Las Vegas Ghosts, Battlefields, and Old Southern Plantations.

Bill contributes Paranormal Research information to Bill is also a contributor to the book Vegas Strip Deaths at

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