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by admin on August 5, 2010

expert staff ghosts

expert staff ghosts

Alcohol related problems have been a subject of increasing awareness in America in recent years. There has been public concern about alcohol related harm lately.

A number of social consequences of alcohol consumption were also explored. The problems were grouped as follows: health problems, relationship problems, work problems, pressures to cut down, other social harms.

In relation to general health problems, alcohol use is a significant threat to world health.

Harmful effects of drinking on the drinkers’ relationships were considerable, especially in relation to marriage and intimate relationships and relationships with family members.

The relationship between alcohol consumption and violence is considered to be strong and many times violence is justified by the consumption of alcohol.

From a public health perspective, alcohol abuse is a major cause of many transportation accidents, whether it is a drunk driver on our highways or a recreational boater who has had one drink too many. Alcohol abuse affects transportation safety in a very dramatic and tragic way.

Alcohol problems are permanent, because drinking is an important and ineradicable part of this society and culture.

Some norms are being redefined in order to restrict the availability of alcohol.

the possibilities for reducing the problem by preventive measures are modest but real and should increase with experience; they should not be ignored because of ghosts from the past.

Public and Private institutions must have primary prevention and early detection programmes related to the pathology of the excessive consumption of alcohol. Social security services must deal with psychological, pharmacological and medical treatments related to the disease of the excessive consumption of alcohol. They must offer assistance and rehabilitation to alcoholic patients and must have prevention programmes.

In conclusion, to minimize the harm from drinking, we should make efforts to achieve a better understanding of alcohol use and misuse and the basis to build up an

adequate and successful health policy. An integrated policy is needed to articulate actions that could be put in practice in different areas such as health, education, and social services.

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