Emf Meter

by admin on March 16, 2010

emf meter

emf meter

Conducting Paranormal Studies From Home

Conducting paranormal studies from your own home is easier than you think. Once you have collected data from a paranormal investigation then you will need to start the analysis. This will consist of cross referencing anything that has happened throughout the investigation with every medium you have available. I would recommend using paranormal investigation software so at the end a clear and professional report can be processed.

Processing paranormal data

After a paranormal investigation has been competed you will have to check all of the data that was collected. This could be hundreds of photos, hours of sound recording and even hours of video tape or EMF meter readings. Anything you find that is remotely out of the ordinary should be noted down and transferred to a computer with the exact time and date. This could then be cross referenced with anything else you find easily.

Presenting paranormal data

Making yourself look like a professional is very important when you are dealing with paranormal investigations. So many people in the scientific community shun the idea of ghosts and aliens without having an open mind and looking at the clear picture. Make sure all of your work is presented properly in an easy to understand way so it can be analysed efficiently, using paranormal investigation software can really help with this.

Conducting paranormal studies at home can be difficult without all of the resources a science lab might have but it can be done if you know what to look out for. I would advise keeping everything on a computer using some specialist paranormal software, this makes the investigation conclusion a whole lot easier. Remember to always conduct paranormal studies with witnesses, when you are listening to hours of sound or watching hours of video you can quite easily miss things.

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What is the safe distance to the high voltage electric lines to avoid EMF danger? Any way to test EMF level?

I am buying a house and saw high voltage transmission lines nearby. The house is about 200-300 meters away from line. I have heard about the link between cancer and high voltage transmission lines. How far away from the line is considered safe? Any way to test the EMF intensity due to these lines?

Electromagnetic fields follow basic laws of physics and their are electronics forumulas for calculating their size.

An official of FERC (United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) was on the radio yesterday (Saturday morning). Someone raised the issue of safety/non-safety of powerlines to people living/working nearby.

He prefaced his answer by saying he was not a scientist or an engineer. He said that in some locales, people’s concern about the safety of the powerlines led to a decision to bury them below ground in one area in the country. He named it, but I forgot where it was.

It does like it is something that causes people concern.

We all depend on EMF for so much of our quality of life. However, that does not mean it has to like us or be nice to us.

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