Death Of A Ghost Hunter

by admin on July 14, 2010

death of a ghost hunter

death of a ghost hunter

The game Borderlands for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC is a great way to pass the time. In it, you play as one of four different characters who all have their strengths and weaknesses as you search for a mythical vault of treasure. The game plays like a first person shooter, but has elements of an RPG as you level up throughout the game. One of the main aspects to the game is to retrieve as much loot as possible. Loot consists of money, weapons and perks. If you are looking to maximize the loot that you find in the game, here are a few simple techniques.

1. Play as Mordecai. He is a hunter and has an attack bird as his special skill. When upgrading Mordecai, it is going to be beneficial to put some skill points into the swipe skill for the bird. This will make your enemies drop better loot and more money when they are killed so that you can purchase better stuff later on. You can also upgrade the sort of bleach swords skill that he has so that you can kill enemies faster to get their loot.

2. Constantly check the vending machines. If you are in a new place, make sure to take a look at the vending machines that are there. Sometimes you will find a great gun or a shield that is unbelievable. If you can afford it, make sure to pick it up right there because you only have 20 minutes until the inventory changes again.

3. Level up. The higher your level, the better loot you will get. It’s that simple. Also, when you are in towns, be sure to look in every nook and cranny and on top of every building you can get to because there will be chests laying around that contain great weapons and perks.

4. Play with friends. If you have some friends with the game, then this should be a no brainer. The game recognizes how many other people are playing the game in your party and levels up the enemies to suit. Then, when they are killed, they will drop better stuff. The more people in your group, the better loot that will be dropped by all enemies. This includes money, guns and health.

Using these tips you should be able to survive all that Pandora can throw at you and find the best loot possible. Just remember to keep your eyes open because there can be loot in many places that you wouldn’t think, but finding it will make the game much more fun.

While using things like bleach swords at close range can be fine at earlier levels, you will want to use better guns down the road for the harder enemies. Many of these more powerful guns can be found in the loot that baddies drop after they are killed.

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DEATH OF A GHOST HUNTER – Official Trailer

The ‘horror’ movie Death Of A Ghost Hunter…. (2007 – 2008)?

It says this happened… true?

Whenever a movie says that the events took place, they’re probably just fibbing, and REALLY twisting the words. Really what they mean is that a ghost hunter died, but not the way portrayed in the film.

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