Civil War Ghosts

by admin on March 31, 2010

civil war ghosts

civil war ghosts

A Ghostly California Camping Trip

Camping is one of the most interesting things to do in California. The state has a lot of excellent spots where you could put up a campsite. It has acres and acres of land for hiking and biking, gorgeous coastlines for surfing, and ghost towns touring. If you’re in for some great and unusual escapades, you can go on a California camping trip at some of the state’s famous ghost towns.

Calico Ghost Town

On your California camping trip, try spending it in Calico Ghost Town located 10 miles north of Barstow, California. This significant silver mining town was established in 1881. Calico has countless shops and a museum. Town entertainment includes actors in period costumes entertaining visitors and tourists. The past is kept alive with trains, stagecoach rides, regular gunfights, restored mining equipment and old household articles put on display. Events in this part of California include cowboy action shooting, civil war re-enactment, Spring Festival, Calico Days, and Calico Heritage Fest.

Calico Ghost Town, which charges a nominal entrance fee, is open every day. The town provides full service campsites a little past the town’s border. Campers can avail of the various accommodations ranging from cabins, bunkhouses and full-hookup campsites. There are 261 tent sites provided and 46 RV sites, which offer full hookups. Visitors out on a California camping trip can stay the night for as low as $18. The town is open daily, while shops and town attractions are open from 9am to 5pm. General admission is $6 for adults and $3 for young people.

Calico Ghost Town has a spooky reputation because of real ghosts that roam the streets after sunset. And Calico is keeping up with its repute by offering ghost tours of the town, where tourists have reported unnatural sightings. Spending your camping trip touring the spooky spots in Calico will surely be one of your most unforgettable exploits.

Bodie State Historic Park

You can spice up your California camping trip by taking on the Bodie State Historic Park, a gold-mining ghost town located northeast of Yosemite. A small part of the town is preserved in ghost town atmosphere. The absence of commercial facilities makes the town appear much the same like it did some 50 years back. Aside from an occasional ghost, the once-flourishing mining camp is presently being visited by tourists intrigued by the town’s interesting reputation.

Although there is no actual camping site available within Bodie, you can find campgrounds three miles from Bodie on BLM land. A trip to Bodie State Historic Park is possible any time of the year, although the place is accessible only by snow-over equipment in winter. Summer months in Bodie can get cold rather quickly so visitors are advised to bring a sweatshirt or a windbreaker for protection. Since elevation is high (8,375 feet), tourists are likewise advised to bring water. Visitors 17 and older are charged $3 each, while those younger are free.

If you’re the bold type and you prefer camping out in unusual places, this adventurous tour is for you. Spending your California camping trip exploring these ghost towns can be one of those exploits you won’t ever forget.

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Manassas Civil War Ghost

so my friend vanquished this ghost?

i go to a school that haunted by a a civil war ghost people can see him he comes out in froont of thousands of people everyday
and hurts people like hits then and psuhes on them but nobody knows what to do

so hes like at our table n stuff walking around and he hits my friend and my friend starts making fun of him and he hit him idk how he hit him but it was like the ghost was there as a human and my friend 6’6 400 pounds all muscle is like u aint tough i was like omg he beat up the ghost then the ghost went crazy shaking on the floor and stuff then he vanishes ppl say they have seen him againso what did he do to the ghost any explainations

maybe he left simply because someone finally stood up to him. he probably thought that he was powerful, but your friend proved to him that he wasn’t. maybe after this he was able to move on.

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