Cheap Ghost Hunting Kits

by admin on May 25, 2010

cheap ghost hunting kits

cheap ghost hunting kits

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Ghost Hunters LIVE 2009 Steve messes with spray and finds poop

Do dowsing rods really work? How do they work? Can they work if u use a wire hanger to make them?

Okay so i was suppose to go on a trip but it turns out i couldn’t go. So the trip was basically a ghost hunt and i decided i should just go other places but anyways i’m starting to make a ghost hunt kit and my first material were dowsing rods i just made.

I used one of the cheap wire hangers and they are the same size and i sanded down the sharp points that can cut you. But the thing is i really don’t know how they are used really. I know they cross each other when theres an energy but i wanna know if i made them right. Or if they really work and how they work.

Please i would love if someone would be able to help and explain also post a source. It’d be easier if i could have facts and no opinions such as oh those are just b.s.

THXXS :))))))))

Dowsing rods (along with pendulums and ouija boards) ‘work’ on the ideomotor effect – you’re moving it yourself, whether you realize it or not. You can make them out of anything because nothing makes the slightest bit of difference – it’s all you. This has been well-studied – it’s a solid fact that no one can dowse. Every actual test of the ability has failed miserably.

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