Cheap Ghost Hunting Gear

by admin on August 17, 2010

cheap ghost hunting gear

cheap ghost hunting gear

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Gulf Coast Ghost Hunters Association investigates “Fort Lipantitlan”

Where can i get cheap ghost hunting gear?

I am a paranormal investigator that lives in the Northwest United States (Washington to be more specific) and my crew needs ghost hunting gear for cheaper than a gazillion dollars. Gear shopping list includes:
1. Infrared cameras that can be monitored from a laptop (like 4 night vision cameras that have cords connected to them to run to a laptop monitor)
2. Thermal imaging camera.
3.Other cameras/digital thermometers.
NOTE: please don’t suggest because i searched there already with no success.
Thanks in advance!

4 infrared cameras, a router, quad processor and laptop hookups can be purchased for as little as $120 from ebay. Other than that, they’re pricey no matter what.

Thermal imageing cameras are irrelevent to “real” ghost hunting. They’re just another tool but mostly, you’ll never need one. Average prices are $1200 *used) to $4000+ new. No way around it. If your local fire department is upgradeing theirs, you might pick it off for $500-$800 bucks. IF you know somebody. AND they owe you a favor.

Cameras? Craigslist, rummage sales, goodwill, anywhere really. Used is fine.
You can pick up a good Gauss/cell censor and an infrared-non-contact lazer guided temp gun from harbor freight tools for as little as $30 each.

Personally, I’d skip the thermal imager and the DVR, get a few cameras, a few tape recorders with mics, and a 6-pack of blank cassette tapes, and a disposible camera (maybe a handheld with nightshot for video…hi-8 is cheap and good quality, cassette will do in a pinch. And a pen and paper set.
All in all…maybe you’d spend $100 at the most.

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