Brooks Ghost

by admin on September 27, 2010

brooks ghost

brooks ghost

If you’re cast in a daytime or primetime series, film or even a major market commercial, there are usually professional teams of people to make you look great. But if you’re on the set of a low budget indie, a non-union industrial, a web series or shooting your own demo reel- there may not be anyone to give you a professional “camera ready” appearance. The difference between good work and mediocre is a few simple things you should learn how to do. No matter what project you’re shooting on camera, you need to look your best. Who knows who will see outtakes years from now of your early efforts? Oops! Here are some tips so you can always be camera ready.

1. Bring your own make-up- guys included. Either cream or liquid foundation to match your natural skin tone and powder, especially powder! Everyone looks shiny, greasy, and sweaty on camera! It’s either the hot lights or your own nervous energy creating that non-stop sweat oozing through your pores. Unless you’re playing a long distance runner or are doing a re-make of Broadcast News (remember Albert Brooks who was so nervous he had “flop sweat” when reporting the evening news?) you don’t want to let them see you sweat.

Solution: Use pressed powder in a compact. It has a flat round soft cotton pad that smoothes the powder on your skin- especially on your nose, forehead and chin- where actors appear to be the “shiniest”. Or use natural mineral grains with a large brush-both available at drug stores and cosmetic counters.

2. Bring hairspray, gel, mousse, glue. Unless you’re running into the wind your hair will inevitably get into your face, your mouth, your eyes. Girls with WAMP hair usually suffer the most. What is WAMP? That long, straight, hanging hair that never stays in place when you start talking. Nothing wrong with long hair. You just don’t want to be pushing it constantly behind your ears or flopping it back-it’s annoying to your audience.

Solution: Just cut layers, curl it, wave it or straighten it with an electric straightening iron so it has body and is “disciplined” into staying in place, not hanging limply. If you have a buzz or military cut, no worries. You’re exempt. Everybody else, spray it. You don’t want hair to get in the

way of your performance.

3. Unless it’s a vampire movie, ladies, please avoid the red, cherry, black, dark brown, blood, wine, crimson, fuchsia, purple, cabernet or otherwise dark lipstick. (if your skin tone is very dark you are the exception and some of these shades might work). But most broadcast quality cameras are highly sensitive and will actually exaggerate the color-it will appear darker. You will appear bloody or just strange.

Solution: Go for a more fashionable natural or warm color of lipstick with a small amount of gloss. Be warned- heavily glossed lips make you look like a rock star about to shriek- too exaggerated.

4. If you’re bringing your own wardrobe, avoid red, white or black (depending on your character and the situation). If given a choice, choose more vibrant colors. On a lower budget set, the lighting may not be too developed so red may glare, turn orange, icky pink or appear to be a large blood stain-not attractive. Black just looks dull and absorbs all the light and energy (unless you are an FBI agent, at a funeral, a high powered attorney, etc.)-even then you can always wear a shirt with a warm shade-blue, peach, yellow, green. White may “ghost” – that’s a thin green line that appears around you so you look ghostly. These things all depend on the experience level of the director. She/he may have lighting or camera angles in mind to counterbalance the effect of what you’re wearing. Let’s hope there’s a lighting guy nearby-usually not. Dark wine, navy, dark green, dark gray-all these just make you appear to be a conservative, dull or depressed character. (If you’ve seen the recent TV ads for depression drugs-everyone who is suffering from depression is wearing these shades).

Solution: If forced to wear dull or dark shades, counter the effect by bringing a bright scarf, accessory- handbag, shawl, tie, vest, hat…think around the dreary outfit you may have to wear. Solid colors always make you look thinner, happier, more professional, and elegant-the list goes on. If your character is a dowdy person- then stick to the ditsy little printed dress or blouses, the plaid flannel shirts, or the dull khaki slacks. If not, bring your own vibrancy and colors!

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Brooks Ghost 2

Do you have any opinions on any of the following women’s neutral running shoes?

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2. Brooks Ghost
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Personal opinions/experience only, please. Please do not link or copy/paste online reviews. Thank you.

Thank you. Men’s opinions are welcome, too 😉

I can’t go neutral bc I’m particial.

there are people who swear by a shoe but I believe you need the shoe that fits best by you and that’s only done by personal fitting and consultation.

I’ve done the saucony’s, new balances etc but bc I’m over-pronated, flat footed I will swear by my asics gels 1140’s bc I won’t get shin splints, or knee problems.

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