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by admin on June 1, 2010

blog paranormal

blog paranormal

One Easy Way to Dominate Your Niche With Blog Marketing Techniques

Who else is looking for some dead simple ways to dominate your niche using nothing but blogs, some creativity and leverage? If you are anything like the vast majority of people who are reading this right now, your hand SHOULD be held high. Why? Because going forward, I do believe that blogs and social marketing strategies WILL be the de facto way that MOST online enterprises monetize their brands….from BIG brick and mortal companies, to small entrepreneurs like you and I.

As a matter of fact, if you are paying close attention to what’s going on in the world of ecommerce like we are, the simple truth is that blogging, and creating entertaining, informative and educational content that spreads VIRALLY is the absolute best way of making a big buck splash in ANY market at all. (and one of the very EASIEST ways that the “small guy” can compete almost as easily for the same “eyeballs” as the big behemoths online)

So what is the strategy for making this happen in a hurry?

Integration. Creating buzz. Being unique and being newsworthy. And creating rapid and enthusiasts EVANANGELISTS out of your audience that promote your business, site, service or offer because they WANT to. (and largely for free)

Look at the movie “Paranormal Activity” that just came out a short while back. Do you know how much it cost? Something like 10 grand. Want to know how much it made? Tens of MILLIONS. Want to know why? Because they created an INTEGRATED and amazing grass roots social media strategy that simply motivated boatloads of backsides to not only go see the movie…..but MORE importantly, to promote the “experience” of seeing the movie on Twitter, blogs, social bookmarking sites, Facebook and just about everywhere else that people go to congregate and “share” stuff that inspires (or scares..:-) them.

Can you do the very same thing?

Absolutely. Just be creative. Be unique. As Seth Godin says so eloquently….be REMARKABLE. (because unfortunately, most of your competition won’t) There are so many creative, compelling, cajoling, killer ways to spread an “idea virus” these days, that the only limit left if your imagination!

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Minmi Paranormal Investigation Blog part 3

Need help remembering the name of an old Nickelodean TV show?

I think its nickelodean anyways it might be Fox Family or something. But anyways it was on in the mid-90s. It was about a young girl whos mom was a singer and her and her older brother were always on the road with her on a tour bus and she always runs into weird paranormal activity. She had like an online blog or something and would always document her experiences online with her MAC notebook. PLEASE help me figure this out its been driving me crazy becuase it used to be my favorite show…I know the girl had long brown hair with banges, and the name Fiona keeps coming to mind if that helps. Thanks everyone.

haha. it is called So Weird. that is really funny because it used to be my sisters and my favorite show, it used to scare me. haha…well there ya go. 🙂

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