Best Ghost Hunting Video Camera

by admin on July 27, 2010

best ghost hunting video camera

best ghost hunting video camera

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Possible Poltergeist

How do ghost hunting video cameras work?

I’m trying to get into it but im not sure what gear to get. cameras with night vision, uv, or ir? What do cameras even use in nightvision, and what is the best for ghost hunting? Explain how these cameras work please!

Check the Sony camcorders with “NightShot”.

HDR-CX500 series
HDR-XR500 series
HVR-A1 (which is the one “they” use). The HDR-HC1 is the consumer sibling of the HVR-A1. The HC1 has not been made for a few years. The HVR-A1 is still manufactured.

They have a built-in infrared emitter and the camcorder has no built-in infrared “blocker” filters. How to use NightShot is in the camcorder manual. They can be downloaded from the Sony Product Support area.

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