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best ghost hunting camera



Most critical reviews of MonsterQuest pertain to the season one DVD set which was released as a 4 DVD boxed collection on May 27, 2008.

Rich Rosell of Digitally Obsessed gave it a “B-,” stating, “The good news is that this isn’t a trashy reality show, eager to make everything overblown and sinister. Instead, it takes a seemingly well-researched approach, leaving viewers the opportunity to make up their own minds.” He also believed that the “content is certainly nerd-worthy in an I-want-to-believe/Mulder kind of way”.

Cinematic Happenings Under Development (CHUD) gave the show a 5.9/10 review, saying that the show is “basically a rehashing of the 1970s/1980s TV show, In Search Of…” and “it leaves you with a sense of either ‘been there, done that’ or just a feeling of incompleteness because it basically raises as many questions as it tries to answer.”

Diablo Cody gave the show high praise in the October 24, 2008 issue of the magazine Entertainment Weekly. She says, “I found a minotaur in that labyrinth of suck: MonsterQuest…on the History Channel.”



No. episodes

Year(s) aired













Season one (20072008)



Original Airdate

101 (1)

“America’s Loch Ness Monster”

October 31, 2007

Investigation of the plesiosaur-like lake monster nicknamed Champ that supposedly lurks in Lake Champlain, dubbed “America’s Loch Ness Monster.” 

102 (2)

“Sasquatch Attack”

November 7, 2007

Investigation of the bizarre attacks upon a remote hunting cabin in Northern Ontario by suspected Bigfoot creatures and other reports of aggressive Sasquatch in the North Western United States. 

103 (3)

“Giant Squid Found”

November 14, 2007

Investigation off Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, into the reported sightings and capture of abnormally large Humbolt Squids. 

104 (4)


November 21, 2007

Investigation into the legendary Thunderbird and the sightings of other giant birds in Illinois, Texas, and Alaska. 

105 (5)


November 28, 2007

The continued investigations of Bigfoot in Washington State and a digital enhancement study of the infamous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film. 

106 (6)

“Mutant Canines”

December 5, 2007

Investigation into reports of attacks on pets and livestock in Maine and Minnesota by strange hybrid canines. 

107 (7)

“Lions in the Backyard”

December 12, 2007

Investigation into the reports of large black cats and jaguar-like creatures that have been encroaching into human populated areas of Arizona, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York. 

108 (8)

“Gigantic Killer Fish”

December 19, 2007

Investigation into encounters of massive freshwater fish from the Arctic to the Amazon. 

109 (9)

“Swamp Beast”

December 26, 2007

Investigation into the swamps of Louisiana and Florida to look for the legendary Skunk Ape. 

110 (10)

“Stalin’s Ape Man”

January 2, 2008

Investigation of former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s supposed plan to create ape-human hybrids. 

111 (11)

“Unidentified Flying Creatures”

January 9, 2008

Investigation into the purported existence of extra-dimensional atmospheric creatures known as Rods. 

112 (12)

“The Real Hobbit”

January 16, 2008

Investigation into the Southeast Asian reports of “Hobbit-like” humanoids called Homo floresiensis and the humanoid-ape creature known as the Orang Pendek. 

113 (13)

“Giganto: The Real King Kong”

January 19, 2008

Investigation into reports of the continued existence of Gigantopithecus, a huge species of extinct ape that inspired the tales of King Kong. 

114 (14)

“American Werewolf”

January 23, 2008

Investigation into Wisconsin and Michigan reports of a werewolf-like creature also known as the “Beast of Bray Road” and the “Michigan Dogman.” 

Season two (2008)



Original Airdate

201 (15)

“Mega Hog”

May 28, 2008

Investigation into the reports of gigantic swine like the 800 lb “Hogzilla” shot in Georgia in 2004. 

202 (16)

“Vampire Beast”

June 4, 2008

Investigation into the 2007 Bolivia, North Carolina reports of strange attacks on livestock and pets by a creature that feeds on blood, and evidence that it appeared once before in the 1950s. 

203 (17)


June 11, 2008

Investigation into the existence of ghosts, studying activity at the Lizzie Borden axe-murder house in Fall River, Massachusetts, a Civil War battlefield at Gettysburg, and strange gas station camera footage in Parma, Ohio. 

204 (18)

“Ohio Grassman”

June 18, 2008

Investigation into the reported sightings and physical evidence of Bigfoot-like creatures that may lurk in the eastern wilderness of the state of Ohio. 

205 (19)

“Giant Killer Snakes”

June 25, 2008

Investigators trek into the jungles of Venezuela and using the latest surveillance equipment they search for man-eating anacondas; and later a trip to the Florida Everglades to look for massive pythons, where one was photographed swallowing a full grown alligator. 

206 (20)

“Super Rats”

July 2, 2008

Investigation into archaeological evidence that Common Rats grew to enormous size in the past, and a look into recent reports from New York City that these cat-sized rodents could be returning. 

207 (21)

“Black Beast of Exmoor”

July 9, 2008

Investigation into what witnesses say is a panther-like “black beast” that is killing livestock along an English countryside. 

208 (22)


July 23, 2008

Investigation of the Chupacabra, or “goat sucker”, a mysterious bipedal, or in some reports, a dog-like, blood-draining creature said to be responsible for a rash of unexplained animal killings in Puerto Rico and Texas. 

209 (23)

“Legend of the Hairy Beast”

July 30, 2008

Investigation into what the Native American legends have to say about Bigfoot. 

210 (24)

“Vampires in America”

August 6, 2008

Investigation into the legends of vampires that haunted New England in the 1700s and a look at modern-day, self-proclaimed “living vampires” who have a real craving for blood. 

211 (25)

“Boneless Horror”

August 13, 2008

Investigation into the depths of the North Pacific in search of giant octopus like the legendary Lusca, where some over 200 feet in length, have been reported. 

212 (26)

“Bigfoot in New York”

August 20, 2008

Investigation into a 1976 Bigfoot sighting in upstate New York where several police officers encountered a creature known as the “Monster of Whitehall” that still haunts the area to this day. 

213 (27)

“Lake Monsters of the North”

September 17, 2008

Investigation into the search for “Cressie”, what Native Americans call the “Pond Devil” and say is giant eel that lurks in the depths of Newfoundland’s Crescent Lake. 

214 (28)

“China’s Wildman”

September 21, 2008

Investigation into a Chinese government-led search effort for the Yeren a wild man said to be covered in thick red hair, 5-7 feet tall, and supposedly lurking in the country’s remote Hubei province. 

215 (29)

“Giant Bear Attack”

September 24, 2008

Investigation into horrific reports of bear attacks, from Alaska to New Jersey, focusing on witness accounts and physical remains that may be evidence of new hybrid bears of prehistoric size. 

216 (30)

“Giant Squid Ambush”

October 8, 2008

Return investigation to Mexico’s Sea of Cortez to look at new research and evidence behind the existence of 100-foot long squids. 

217 (31)

“Monster Spiders”

October 22, 2008

A look at man’s fear of spiders starting with the Solifugae, or “Camel Spider” a large desert-dwelling arachnid of Iraq that may have been brought to Texas by American soldiers that served there, and then a trek into the jungles of Peru in search of other massive arachnids that some local villagers claim are large enough to eat a small dog. 

218 (32)

“Jaws in Illinois”

October 29, 2008

Investigation into reports that Bull Sharks from the Gulf of Mexico have swam inland up the Mississippi River as far as the state of Illinois and also reports of Greenland Sharks killing Caribou along the St. Lawrence River seaway. 

219 (33)

“Real Dragons”

November 5, 2008

A look at attacks on humans by the world’s largest known lizards, the Komodo Dragons, and an investigation into reports that an even bigger lizard, the supposedly extinct Megalania, may still lurk in Australia’s Blue Mountains region. 

220 (34)

“Sasquatch Attack II”

November 12, 2008

A return investigation to the remote hunting cabin in Northern Ontario that was suspected to have been attacked by Sasquatch, and a new examination of the DNA evidence from blood stains found at the scene. 

Season three (2009)



Original Airdate

301 (35)

“Death of Loch Ness”

February 4, 2009

Investigation into researcher Robert Rhines’ claim that Nessie, if it existed, may now in fact be dead and its corpse is lying somewhere at the bottom of Loch Ness. 

302 (36)

“Cattle Killers”

February 11, 2009

Investigation into the unexplained mutilations of livestock in North America which are found drained of blood and with surgically-precise wounds that do not match known predators. 

303 (37)

“Swamp Stalker”

February 18, 2009

Investigation into the swamps around Fouke, Arkansas following skilled trackers in search of a nocturnal, Bigfoot-like creature said to be responsible for violent attacks. The case inspired the 1972 documentary movie The Legend of Boggy Creek. 

304 (38)

“Devils in New Jersey”

February 25, 2009

Investigation that follows a 60-person research team into the Pine Barrens of New Jersey in search of the legendary Jersey Devil, a horse-headed, bat-winged creature reportedly haunting the area for the past 250 years. 

305 (39)

“Gators in the Sewers”

March 4, 2009

Investigation of a story from the 1930s that a swarm of alligators was found living in the sewers under New York City, and a new delve into the sewer system to see if the creatures could still be lurking there. 

306 (40)

“Snowbeast Slaughter”

March 11, 2009

Investigation into the Rocky Mountains in search of a Bigfoot-like creature that local ranchers believe is responsible for killing livestock and elk, and a look at fresh kills near Pikes Peak that could lead to the animal. 

307 (41)

“Mega Jaws”

March 18, 2009

Investigation off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula in search of a reported 60-foot shark of a possible prehistoric origin that terrified local fisherman call the “Black Demon.” 

308 (42)

“Monster Close Encounters”

March 25, 2009

A look at some of the most compelling eyewitness accounts of close encounters with Bigfoot, from Minnesota to Washington state, witnesses are interviewed and evidence is tested to find out what people are seeing in the forests. 

309 (43)

“Lake Demons”

April 15, 2009

An investigation is launched upon British Columbia’s Lake Okanagan using the latest underwater technology to search for evidence of the most documented lake monster known as Ogopogo. 

310 (44)

“Sea Monsters”

April 22, 2009

A look at legends of sea monsters and a close examination of video footage that captured an unidentified sea creature in the waters off the Florida coast and may be proof that some of these legends are true. 

311 (45)

“Mysterious Ape Island”

April 29, 2009

An expedition is launched on to British Columbia’s Vancouver Island in search of a legendary Sasquatch that local native tales say would steal children who ventured too deep into the woods. 

312 (46)

“Gigantic Killer Fish II”

May 6, 2009

A look at an 1895 fish attack off the coast of Florida by a Goliath grouper, a massive fish that can weigh up to 1,500 lbs and a recent attack that may be evidence these dangerous fish are returning. Then, other attacks at the freshwater lakes of Minnesota by the no-less-aggressive Muskie could be on the rise. 

313 (47)

“Isle of the Lost Tiger”

May 13, 2009

A look at over 350 reports from the Australian island of Tasmania that claim a vicious predator, once thought to have been hunted to extinction, has made a comebackhe Tasmanian Tiger, and how an Australian biologist is using preserved DNA of the animal in hopes of cloning a living specimen. 

314 (48)

“Killer Jellyfish”

May 27, 2009

A look at the rising concern of poisonous jellyfish, from New York’s Hudson River, to the beaches of Spain, these animals have become floating deathtraps in the world’s oceans, and their population explosion may be the result of mankind’s changes to their ecosystems. 

315 (49)

“Flying Monsters”

June 3, 2009

A deep trek into the jungles of Papua New Guinea which could be hiding a flying creature local villagers call the “Demon Flyer,” whose description is very similar to of the pterosaur of prehistoric origin. 

316 (50)

“The Curse of the Monkey Man”

June 10, 2009

A look at the reports of attacks by the “Monkey Man,” a half-man/half-beast that has caused mass-panic around the city of New Delhi, India, where a massive search was undertaken by authorities to find the creature. Then later, the show follows an expedition into the Garo Hills to look for evidence of another possibly unknown primate, the Mande Barung. 

317 (51)

“Killer Crocs”

June 17, 2009

A look at the 40-foot long prehistoric “SuperCroc” Sarcosuchus imperator an ancestor of today’s crocodiles which can be up to 20 feet long, but witnesses are claiming modern crocodiles are getting much bigger. The show delves into Florida’s swamps in search of record-sized crocs that could be returning to their prehistoric size. 

318 (52)

“The Last Dinosaur”

June 24, 2009

The show follows an expedition deep into the jungles of Cameroon in search of evidence of the Mokl Mbmb a creature local villagers identify as a long-necked sauropod thought to have gone extinct over 65-million years ago. 

319 (53)

“Critical Evidence”

July 8, 2009

A look at the best evidence of Sasquatch, from amazing videos to footprint castings and compelling eye-witness reports gathered from around the United States, and how the latest state-of-the-art technology and scientific analysis could prove once and for all if these creatures really exist. 

320 (54)

“The Real Cujo”

July 22, 2009

A look at the rising number of attacks by feral dogs as more and more canine pets are abandoned to the wild and returning to their pack hunter instincts. The series follows a team of investigators in St. Louis, Missouri to track these animals and to find out just how dangerous they can be. 

321 (55)

“Terror From the Sky”

July 29, 2009

A look back at a series of mid-20th Century reports of bizarre flying humanoids that caused waves of panic in small towns across the Northern United States and recent encounters in Mexico and California. The investigation also analyzes a strange corpse and video evidence to identify what people are seeing. 

322 (56)

“Killer Chimps in America”

August 12, 2009

A look at the popularity of chimpanzees, once big attractions at circuses and zoos in America, and now popular exotic pets, but reports of chimp attacks from Florida may be evidence that some of these dangerous animals have escaped captivity and are surviving in the wild. 

323 (57)

“Tigers in the Suburbs”

August 19, 2009

The series follows a group of investigators into New York’s wilderness in search of what area residents claim are big black cats, possibly escaped jaguars and panthers, that are stalking the local deer population. 

324 (58)

“The Real Moby Dick”

August 26, 2009

Following the reports of attacks that inspired the Moby-Dick tale from classic literature, an investigative team searches for albino sperm whales to see if there is any truth to their aggressive nature. 

2009 Special


Original Airdate

“Abominable Snowman”

October 25, 2009

This 2-hour special looks into the reports and evidence gathered over the past century of the existence of the legendary Yeti, and follows an expedition into the Himalayas in search of the nocturnal creature, which is reported to attack local villagers and slaughter their animals. 

Season four (2010)

Note: Season four is currently airing the information below is subject to change.



Original Airdate

401 (59)

“Monster Sharks”

January 13, 2010

A look at the increasing number of attacks by great white sharks along our beaches. The investigation follows a team of researchers who are trying to determine why sharks are becoming more aggressive. 

402 (60)

“Hillbilly Beast”

January 20, 2010

A trek into the foothills of North Western Kentucky to search for a Bigfoot-like creature that is said to make terrifying, wild screams. Investigators analyze a tooth, photographic and audio evidence, and venture into the remote wilderness in an attempt to identify the source of these mysterious sounds. 

403 (61)

“Giant Pythons in America”

January 27, 2010

Investigators study the adaptability of giant pythons in Florida as their habitat spreads into heavily populated areas such as Miami, and north where they could hybridize and spread into every state in the country. 

404 (62)

“Giant Killer Bees”

February 3, 2010

A look back over 50 years ago when South American scientists tried to make a hybrid bee that could produce more honey instead they created swarms of large aggressive bees that have been plaguing Mexico and the southern United States with evidence that they are adapting to colder climates and spreading into northern states. 

405 (63)


February 10, 2010

A look back to the 1967 reports of the Mothman a mysterious winged creature that terrorized a small West Virginia town and believed to be an omen for disasters such as the collapse of the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River that killed 46 people. Sightings of the creature are reported to this day, and a team of investigators use the latest forensic and night-vision technology to try to determine what people are encountering. 

406 (64)

“Piranha Invasion”

March 3, 2010

A look at the growing number of South American piranha that are appearing in U.S. lakes and streams. A team studies how they are adapting and collects evidence to determine if the predatory fish are becoming a new threat to fresh water environments. 

407 (65)

“Lizard Monster”

March 10, 2010

A look back at a 1952 Flatwoods, West Virginia encounter of a supposed reptilian creature that appeared in a strange hovering craft and attacked witnesses with a noxious gas. Investigators follow a wave of new sightings that are being reported of the Flatwoods Monster and try figure out what people are encountering. 

408 (66)

“Sierra Sasquatch”

March 17, 2010

Bigfoot researchers trek into California’s Sierra Nevada following Native American stories and petroglyphs of hairy man-beasts and investigate recently found footprint evidence and compelling new video of supposed Sasquatch encounters. 

See also




^ Review of Season 1 DVD on Digitally Obsessed

^ Review of season 1 DVD on CHUD

^ Cody, Diablo (October 24, 2008 (2008-10-24)). “I Was a ‘Monster’ Virgin”. Entertainment Weekly.,,20233928,00.html. 

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