Health Balls

by admin on May 6, 2010

Health Balls

Health Balls

Fitness Ball – Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purchasing One

While most people wish they could lose all that excess baggage they cart around their frame, there are few that do get inspired on their own – or perhaps by seeing the success of others sticking to a strict exercise regime to take up the challenge of losing weight and getting into shape.

The key to getting fit and staying that way is to find a happy balance between exercise, realistic weight loss and management goals and a nutritionally balanced daily diet; while many people prefer working out under supervision of trainers, others feel quite confident of losing the few extra pounds by themselves and thus, prefer to invest in home exercise equipment like fitness balls.

You can exercise in a controlled manner while at home or at the health center; it all depends on your dedication to weight management and fitness routines that are right for your body type and age.

So, with the added popularity of cost-effective exercise balls that many weight loss enthusiasts are taking to there are an equal number of persons signing up at the local health club to use these fun accessories to trim that fat.

Among the favorite health care accessory to have as part of home fitness equipment is the fitness ball that comes in bright colors and many different sizes that can be used for shaping up while at home or even outside in the garden effectively, easily and with minimum fuss.

The fitness ball allows for exercising at flexible times and affords a unique home workout to the owner; from treating back-pain to strengthening the spinal muscles, there are several good reasons why physiotherapists are giving the fitness ball a big applause for being instrumental in raising fitness levels.

Most fitness balls used as a part of physiotherapy range in a diameter of 55 to 85 cms and are constructed out of elastic rubber that enhances exercise output and fitness levels by being so pliable and easy to use.

There are different kinds of fitness balls available in the market today, such as the Pilate’s ball, the gym or therapy ball; the balance, body and yoga balls are other types that are popular while some people also like to purchase the sport or Swiss ball.

The main function of the fitness ball is to allow the user’s body to respond to the ball’s instability so they can improve their balance and also tone up muscles while using it.

So, regular and right use of a fitness ball can actually work to strengthen muscles, help improve sense of balance, stretch abdominal muscles to improve muscle tone and be a fun way to build stamina and patience. You do have to persevere with a bit of extra self-discipline to get accustomed to using the fitness ball though, but the results are sure to amaze you into sticking with the regime, experts guarantee.

Not only do you get to work out all the core muscle groups, you also enjoy the variations in the work-out when you focus on your back, pelvic and hip muscles and get to see the results of good lower and upper body work-out with one simple piece of globular equipment a.k.a. the fitness ball!!

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How exactly are you supposed to use health balls?

They have nothing to do with exersize, by the way.

I assume they are a meditation tool to balance one’s self…they didn’t really come with a guideline besides moving them in your hands and feeling the energy come into your body…

All I am asking is how to use them, what they are for, and the history behind them. Thank you 🙂

You shift them around in your hand while meditating. You aren’t supposed to let them touch while turning them in a circle in your hand. If anything they exercise your hand.

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