Feng Shui Jade

by admin on September 14, 2009

Feng Shui Jade

Feng Shui Jade

Using Feng Shui to Create Your Garden

A garden is a very important element of a home or office and it attracts a lot of positive energy if designed correctly. This article discusses about some of the ideas that you may implement in order to welcome a beneficial chi into your garden.

The first and the most basic tip is to have healthy plants in your garden. Next is to invest in plants that are considered to be very lucky. Some of them include the silver crown, plum, bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum, peony, magnolia, pine and jade. Some alternatives to peony include the begonia, hibiscus and gardenia. Lotus, lily and bulb varieties are also regarded as very lucky. Fruit trees like peach and orange are considered very lucky if grown near the front door. Try not to plant these trees facing the door though.

Stunted plants, plants with thorns and weeping plants are generally not considered very auspicious.

Water features are very good when integrated effectively and maintained regularly in gardens. Round fish ponds with goldfishes is very good. Similarly a round bird is a friendly feature to have in the garden. Always consider planting lush green plants surrounding the water feature.

Pathways and stepping stones are excellent additions to a garden. Always consider building a pathway in a curved design rather than a straight line. Entrance gates to the garden should be proportional to the size of the house and must always open inward. Keep the gates free of rust and do not allow any vines or other creepers to grow on the gate.

Lighting in the garden must be soft and should create a sense of harmony.

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