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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Map Bagua – Tool For Mapping Out Your Home For Feng Shui

The map bagua is an eight sided diagram specifically used to represent different aspects of a person’s life. The nine sections, which includes the center portion, symbolize career, wisdom, family, wealth, fame, love, creativity, helpful people and health. Each section can also be paired with a color and the direction of the five elements are mapped out as well. This special feng shui tool is used to locate the areas of a home or an individual room of that home that are associated with the nine sections. As soon as you are able to locate the areas that require changing, you will be able to use simple decoration techniques to it in a way that can improve that aspect of your life.

To utilize a bagua, stand from the front door of your home facing in or from the entrance of a room. Hold the diagram out in front of you with the fame section facing the wall opposite you and then the career section directly before you. This shows that the doorway is a reflection of your career, the wall opposite represents your fame and reputation, and all the remaining seven sections of the bagua may be mapped out in a similar manner. Use this tool to uncover the colors and elements that correlate to the different parts of the given space.

Colors are are a simple fix for bad feng shui areas and can easily be used to effectively improve problem areas in your life. If for example, you are looking to attract love or to keep a healthy relationship with your current partner, locate the love corner in your room or your house using the bagua. You will notice on the diagram that the color pink is associated with the love corner. All you need to do is add a bit more pink in that area to enhance your love life. A similar technique may be applied to all other areas of your life, using the colors specified in the bagua.

Every one of the five elements can also be found on the bagua. The career section of the space, which is normally where the doorway is, represents the element water. The fame and reputation section is linked to fire. The children and creativity section is used to represent the metal element. The family section is associated with the wood element. The element earth is directly within the center of a room where the health section is located. Equipped with this information, it is possible for you to balance the energy of that room or the whole home by simply adding the missing elements.

The map bagua is quite a useful tool that’s utilized by professional feng shui practitioners and novices alike. It’s so easy to apply that it has been heavily adopted by most of the western world. Just use the steps above to generate a basic reading of the home and every room of the house. If you are looking for a more accurate and detailed reading, you should seek the services of a professional practitioner. They will use a feng shui compass to locate the exact direction of your house and then use that measurement to create a bagua map that is specific to your home.

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Learn how to use a feng shui bagua and how to apply each of the feng shui 5 elements and feng shui decorating colors to your home to help improve your love, wealth, career and more.

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What color to paint the kitchen for good feng shui?

I have recently started reading about Feng Shui and learned that our kitchen is in the worst part of the house (Northwest) and that a kitchen should never be red (ours is cranberry red). I really don’t want to repaint our kitchen white but am open to other colors that are good Feng Shui for attracting good luck, prosperity, wealth, etc.

Any suggestions? Please list how long you have been interested in Feng Shui and why you are suggesting the color you are.

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you have “Fire in Heaven’s Gate”
Using alot of Earth as in granite, pottery ceramic vases, stones, Earth colors such as yellow , tan , ochre. Fire ‘burns’ the metal of the NW and will affect the career, money and benefactors for the head of the household. The earth element will weaken the fire element and nourish the metal element of the NW. Strengthen the area for the patriarch with a metal statue of a man. Also place some yin water near the stove. That could be still water in a shallow bowl with a wide mouth.
The water extinguish some of the fire energy.
You situation may not be as bad as you think. Fire is good for the flying star 8 and that may be in your NW if that is the case , it will outweigh your neg affects of the Fire at Heaven’s Gate.
Also imagine you are blessing your family with a nourishing meal everytime you use your stove.

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