Bagua Mirror

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Bagua Mirror

Bagua Mirror

Business Feng Shui Tips to help you Increase Profits, Wealth, Luck and Prosperity

Did you know that popular and extremely effective feng shui techniques are also used in offices and workplaces around the world to attract great wealth and good fortune through sound business feng shui principles?

In fact, in Hong Kong, feng shui practices are heavily enforced through the very building and construction of a business and it’s premises, to the day to day runnings of business in the workplace, office and meeting rooms. From billionaire Asian business tycoons to the Bank of China to small family owned stores, business feng shui practices are implemented to help acquire greater wealth, fortune, health and happiness. So maybe it’s time that you put some sound business feng shui into action in your workplace to help you get that raise, bring in more customers, increase your profits or just work better.

Take a look at these business feng shui tips to help point you in the right direction towards greater luck energy in your work life.

  • Make sure that you always sit with a solid wall behind you to represent support and strength in your life.  You should sit so that you’re in full view of the rooms main entrance and windows for optimal business feng shui placement.
  • Office furniture, desks, tables or shelves should all have rounded corners, or even better be round in shape.  Straight edged or sharp corners will cut chi and destroy the flow through your space, ultimately creating “sha chi” or negative chi.
  • The same principles can be applied to plants in your business feng shui space, make sure that they are softer edged plants and don’t have sharp or spike-like leaves, commonly known as poison arrows.
  • Don’t place empty boxes, or even an empty vase near the main door.  As new chi enters the office, it will be sucked into the empty spaces leaving nothing left for the rest of the environment. The idea is to attract sheng chi (good energy) and keep it circulating freely in your environment for maximum benefit.
  • Using the Bagua map (find one on my website), determine your area or wealth of future wealth area and place items like the fax machine, telephone and computers in this area to attract more business.
  • If you’re a shop owner, place the till register or even the petty cash container in the wealth area.  Your order books should also be placed here, along with 3 ancient gold Chinese coins held together with red strong or ribbon stuck on top of them to attract more money to the business.
  • Keep your desk surface clean and clutter free as it is symbolic of your state of mind, tidy desk is a tidy mind, working better will result.  The same can be said for the workplace or office in general, clutter is enemy number one not only in business but everywhere. Clear the clutter first to avoid any blockages of energy flow in the area.
  • Use mirrors help to create more light which represents the water element, and the space will become more soothing.  Southeast, East and North are the best feng shui places for mirrors according to the bagua map.
  • Placing a mirrors next to your cash register or order book will symbolically double what’s reflected, so your profit and orders will increase, or even your wage packet!
  • Be careful not to reflect the main entrance to your space in any mirrors as it will act as a way for the energy to leave you, having the reverse effect which is probably worse than having the mirror there at all. Be weary of what’s reflected in all your mirrors and be sure the reflections are only of positive symbols and objects, so that you receive more of them.

Follow these quick business feng shui tips to allow you, your office, company or workplace to benefit from greater balanced energy and help attract to you more of what you want whether that’s a clearer work focus, more profits or greater wealth luck!

About the Author

Lin Mai is a feng shui enthusiast and author. Visit Way to Feng Shui to start using business feng shui to make your business attract money like a magnet!

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Feng Shui Design Tips : How to Use the Bagua Mirror in Feng Shui

feng shui help please?

ok, so i live in this nice apartment, which has a tree in front of my front entrance, stairs facing the front door and bath tube on top of the front door. i can’t move right now, so i need a serious advice from someone who knows about this.
i have a mirrored bagua on the front door to reflect the tree and the bad energy, y have a crystal between stairs and front door, what else can i do to increase good luck, money and opportunities?
thanks! i’ll give best answer to the best answer.
oh, should i put a pond or a fish outside facing my front door?

fengshui is about precise measurements, some calculations and analysis, and application of the fengshui concepts.

there is no shortcuts. you need a fengshui master or an auditor to give you advise on your apartment.

a bagua is not a good fengshui tool because it can be too strong. and are you sure that you even need to put one?

stairs facing the door: things go into your life easily go out of your life, this include friends, money, health

tub above your door: you might be influenced by bad people or have some activities with people with illegal activities

but all these are not about the fengshui concepts. these are all simple fengshui that cannot bring in wealth.

you need a professional to calculate the good direction where your door should face – to get a good life; to calculate for the location where you can put an aquarium or to position your stove/ microwave to attract wealth; to deal with some fengshui problems that are in your house.

regarding that tree in front of your house, if it is perpedicular at the middle of your front door – when you see it right in front of your whenever you open the front door, then put a bagua above your door (outside). but if the tree is just at the middle of the house, not the doorway, then there is no need for the bagua – you might be creating more bad than good.

again, the question of fishponds is for a fegnshui professional. because it needs some calculations, and the location must be precise. an aquarium or fish pond placed at the wrong location can create more bad. for example, if the location has more fire energy. this fire energy has nothing to do with matches nor electricity. but the 5 elements are calculated to know the distribution of the elements in your house. then use it to your advantage. so when a lcoation has more fire, you should put still water or water that is not moving. supposed that you did not know and put an aquarium with an aerator. this is considered as moving water. moving water can activate the fire energy in that area. and eventually you might have illnesses related to heart and/ or blood, or your house might get on fire. it is difficult to explain to people who do not have any knowledge about fengshui. but this is what fengshui is all about. thus, it is difficult to give advices online.

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