Amulets Prosperity

by admin on September 28, 2009

Amulets Prosperity

Amulets Prosperity

The Magic Of Amulets And Lucky Charms

Since the dawn of civilization, amulets, talismans and lucky charms have been used, or worn, by people. These devices have different purposes. An amulet, for example, is used specifically for protection against evil spirits or enemies. A talisman, on the other hand, is used for the purpose of attaining one’s objective. Lucky charms, meanwhile and as can be inferred readily from its name, is designed to bring good luck and prosperity to its wearer. These things are believed to be blessed with magical powers.

Until today, many people believe in the power of amulets and lucky charms. In Thailand, for example, almost every Thai wear amulets or lucky charms. They have a strong belief that these objects have contributed largely to their everyday life. In the Chinese tradition, many Chinese believe that the successes they reap from their businesses are brought by the lucky charms they possess. That is why Feng Shui and other Chinese rituals and blessings are so very popular among Chinese.

The major religions also have some form amulets and lucky charms. Catholics always have a crucifix or a rosary with them to protect them against demonic spirits. The Jews have an amulet called “tallis.” This amulet is considered as one of the oldest kind of amulets that existed in the world. It is originally intended to distinguish them from pagans and served as reminder for every Jew of the existence of God. The Jews still use the tallis until today.

Not only people who live in the rural areas use these objects today. The usual notion when it comes to amulets is that people who live in urban areas no longer believe in magic and similar issues. Well, not actually. There are many people who wear lucky charms in the cities. Most of them use this stuff whenever they pick numbers for the lottery. Some display them at their stores or business establishments to attract more customers and increase sales.
Even people in the military do believe in the power of amulets. Perhaps stories of soldiers being saved from death in battle are already ordinary news. But narratives of these soldiers wearing an amulet are also not new to the ears. Hundreds of accounts of soldiers or policemen attest to the power of the charms that they use. They have either avoided being dangerously hit by a bullet, or were saved from fatal bullet hits.
Whether you believe it or not, many people swear to the blessings of amulets and lucky charms. It may sound awkward, but these lucky charms have already turned hundreds of lives from desperation to fulfillment of wealth and happiness

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Are spells, charms and amulets are real?

If they are real, how come there are many sites in the internet promising to give more prosperity or money to those who are willing to pay for their services. Why not these so called ‘witches’ perform the spells for their own gain instead.

Well that is for profit Witches a true witch don’t charge outrageous fees if anything they or at least I just ask for either a donation, reimbursement of materials, or barter for service

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