Amulet Pendant

by admin on April 14, 2010

Amulet Pendant

Amulet Pendant

Hamsa Pendants

Over the past years, we are witnessing a newborn interest in all that is spiritual and mystic. Falling under this category are the beautiful Hamsa pendants. The Hamsa, a symbol, believed to have been in use for thousands of years, is a popular artifact in the Middle East countries. Hamsa, the Arabic word for five, is called that because of the five fingers of the hand shown in the Hamsa. As a part of both the Jewish and the Muslim tradition, it bears many names including the Hand of Fatima in Muslim culture and the Hand of Miriam and the Hand of G-d in Jewish culture. Because its origin is in the Middle Eastern countries, it is more popular amongst the Sephardic Jewry rather than the Ashkenazi Jewelry.

The Hamsa is believed to bring protection to its owner from any harm, particularly from the evil eye. It is believed that when a person looks upon another with a bad eye, such as jealousy or hatred, it actually has a bad effect on the person who is looked upon. This is called the evil eye. Many people are accustomed to adding the phrase – “bli ayin harah”, meaning – without the evil eye, when speaking of the fortune of another person. Due to this, many Hamsas are decorated with an eye in the palm of the Hamsa, representing the good eye as oppose to the evil eye.

Another popular decoration used on Hamsa pendants is fish. Because fish live underwater, is it believed that the water protects them from the evil eye. The adding of the image of the fish is a prayer that we will be like fish – protected from the affects of the evil eye.

The Hamsa is a popular amulet which comes in many forms. Perhaps the most common form is Jewish Jewelry, yet it can also be found on key chains, decorative plaques, different hanging decorations and more, making a splendid Judaica gift. It is a popular custom amongst the Sephardic Jews, who in general are more believing in the mystical side of life, to hang a Hamsa at the entrance of the home, in order to protect the entire household. The Hamsa can be also found in offices, cars and more, for added good luck. 

Today Hamsa pendants are designed in two main styles. One is the ancient classic symmetrical design, featuring three centered fingers and two equal thumbs, one on each side. The other, a more modern design bears the natural human hand form. The Hamsa can be directed both upwards or downwards, this having no affect as to the powers of this amulet.

In recent years, as jewelry artists have shown growing imagination and unique designs, many Jewish pendants which combine different Jewish symbols can be found. This includes Star of David pendants with Hamsa, Hamsa and Chai pendants, Jerusalem pendants decorated with the Hamsa, Hamsa combined with eye decorations, fish decorations and even the dove of peace, and more.

To beautify and glorify these Hamsa pendants, many are adorned with precious stones and semi-precious stones, from sparkling diamonds, sapphires and rubies, to beautiful garnets, opals and more. Some are decorated with amazing enamel work or intricate filigree work.

Another gorgeous adornment to these pendants is ancient artifacts such as Roman Glass and Masada coin. These two thousand year old ancient authentic items add deep historical meaning to the jewel.

What a better way to feel both protected and beautiful than by wearing one of the many Hamsa pendants available for purchase in today’s colorful jewelry market.



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