Yellow Crystal

by admin on December 21, 2004

Yellow Crystal

Yellow Crystal

There Are Three Characteristics Of Synthetic Crystals

There are three characteristics of synthetic crystals

Synthetic crystal is characterized by the largest nuclear sub Jingjing. China gemstone wholesaler in the synthesis of crystal nucleation is better to judge if, because of the long nucleation generally colorless plate column, with clear boundaries around the synthetic crystal. But recently the market a number of colorless synthetic crystal, because crystal nucleation, and synthesis are colorless, coupled in the nuclei of some natural features or inclusions in crystals in the nucleus and the synthesis of a number of air bubbles between, so that some did not experience people easily mistaken for a natural crystal, careful observation reveals that nuclei in the package body exists only son of the nuclear column, surrounded by an invisible wall there is a stopped, the feeling off without delay. Synthesis of crystal nucleation and bubble between the wall are distributed along the nucleus, forming parallel to each other “bubble wall.” Some bubbles were tadpole-like, head over to the outside end wall arrangement. Natural crystal surface is also often arranged in groups along a package body appeared, but the surface is often single, had ups and downs, and body composition of the surface of the package will find the gems under the microscope more than the two-phase inclusions, and not just bubbles. The difference is obvious.

Synthesis of synthetic crystals, especially crystal color second feature is the color uniform. More uniform color throughout necklace, China gemstone crystal series in particular, yellow and brown, black synthetic crystal. The natural yellow and brown, black crystal color often heterogeneous. Heterogeneity of natural crystal is not only color, and often tea color (except brown crystal outside), more interesting is that at night under incandescent, yellow tea with a little yellow crystal does not completely like the brown crystal, crystal tea mix if and actually good identification. I have seen the synthesis of topaz colors are pure uniform, some darker colors, but not with tea color, and will not change color under incandescent light at night.

A third characteristic of synthetic crystal is of Clean flawless. China Jewelry suppier often natural crystal inclusions and cotton, and synthetic crystals sparkling. Synthetic crystals of individual bubbles or some solids. Recently, some synthetic crystals are often a number of triangles within the long tubular holes in these pores in the green or red powder. This is characterized by a long tube along a direction parallel, triangular cross section, in green or red are often uneven distribution of powder Yan Bi, the middle is often empty, long tube ends are sharpened trend. But the real crystal is a natural fat with tourmaline, actinolite, rutile and other minerals and crystals, these minerals have their shape, such as actinolite, “bamboo-like” shape. They are wrapped in a crystal, the non-directional random arrangement of different thickness and length of the name, and often accompanied by the inherent natural crystal inclusions and cotton and so on.


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