Wood Tower

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Wood Tower

Wood Tower

What are Cooling Towers

What exactly are cooling towers anyway? They are heat rejection devices used to extract waste heat into the air from the cooling of a water stream to a lesser temperature. They are also referred to evaporative heat rejection devices. These devices provide lower water temperatures than an air cooled or heat rejection devices.

Cooling towers are used in air conditioning, electric power generation and in various manufacturing facilities. They can be referred to both open circuit and closed circuit heat rejection equipment.

Small cooling towers are designed to handle only a few gallons of water per minute, which is supplied by small pipes. The large towers cool hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per minute. The pipes supplying the water are up to fifteen feet in diameter. These are found in large power plants.

There are several different types of cooling towers. One such type is the mechanical-draft cooling towers. They rely on power driven fans that draw or force the air through the specific tower.

Another type of cooling tower is the natural draft-cooling tower. It uses buoyancy of exhaust air rising in a chimney to provide the needed draft for cooling. Another type is the fan-assisted natural draft tower uses a mechanical draft to expand the buoyancy.

In the past, cooling towers relied on the prevailing winds to get the air drafts needed for cooling.

Cooling towers can emit a lot of noise. Things that cause the noise include the sound of water falling, the sound of large fans along with motors and drive belts as well.

Many terms are associated with water coolers. We will briefly go over a few of them. Leaching refers a loss of wood preservative chemicals caused by the washing action of flowing water through a wooden cooling tower. A plume is a stream of exhaust leaving the tower.

Blowouts are water droplets that are blown out of the cooling towers with the exhaust air that is blown out.

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