Wand Wicca

by admin on July 5, 2010

Wand Wicca

Wand Wicca

Most of us must be aware of the seven chakra point in our body which are also known as wheel of energy. Other then these seven major chakra points, we also have few minor chakras. These minor chakras include, for example, centres of the palm, at the sole of the foot, behind each eye, in front of each ear, above each breast and at the back of the knee.

If you want to know the methods on how to open chakra then you can find it over the internet or through many books which provide information on such subjects. As per lot of people the simplest way on How to open chakra is through meditation. While meditating you can focus on the area of trouble or on the chakra which you think is blocked. Another method is color therapy, as each chakra represented by a specific color. Crystals also facilitate clearing and healing of the chakras. Researcher throughout the world has found that opening of the chakras can be different for each person. In some cases the chakras gets cleared by rotating a laser wand in a clock-wise direction. You have to feel the rotation each time and you will sense an increase of heat, of vibration and energy when each chakra opens.

Once you know how to open chakra and which methods works faster for you make it a regular practice and as you do it regularly the amount of time to open each chakra reduces. It is also very important that as you move in above with opening of each chakra same way closing of the opened chakra is also very essential. When you start utilizing these techniques with open heart and with love then there can be no room for errors or any adverse effects.

When our chakras are well balanced and clear it affects our emotional, spiritual and physical well being. Chakra clearing is a wonderful tool to obtain a healthy living. There are many online tutorials which give a detailed stepwise description of chakras and also teach methods on How to Open Each Chakra. People who have been actively involved in exercising these powerful methods have attained mental, physical and emotional balance. PowerOfChakra.com [http://www.powerofchakra.com/] encourages readers to live a happy life by adapting to various methods to purify chakras to get that perfect harmony in life.

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Why do people always do this?

Why do people come into this section, see a question about witchcraft and then say witchcraft and magick (yes it can be spelled that way) isn’t real?

This usually comes up with questions about wicca. Wiccans obviously don’t think they can catch a train to Hogwarts to study how to shoot fire from their wands. It’s completely different, so why do people always act like they know what the “askers” mean, when they really don’t?

Because there are people out there who don’t know or understand what real-life witchcraft actually is. Some do get their ideas about what witchcraft is from fictional media, and some think that we think that’s what it is too….”Harry Potter” or “Charmed” type stuff.

There are folks out there who don’t realize that Wicca is a religion or what it’s *main* focus is (which isn’t witchcraft). There are folks out there that don’t believe Wicca is a real religion/practice, because it isn’t one of the mainstream Abrahamic religions.

Since you specifically point out the spelling of magic with a “k” – the “k” was introduced by Aleister Crowley who was neither witch nor Wiccan. So while some witches and Wiccans may use the spelling, it really isn’t necessary. I sometimes use it, but in forums where it’s obvious I’m talking about the magic of witchcraft, I don’t feel the need for the “k” because others know I’m not talking about David Copperfield kind of magic.

And there are simply folks out there who like to talk out of their butts and answer questions on subjects they know nothing about without doing any sort of research to provide a valid answer.

When you’re in an open to the general public forum, you’re subject to varied public opinion, ignorance, prejudices, etc.

Adam: What is your definition of witchcraft?
kthxbye is a good example – he thinks he knows what real witches think they can do, and he is wrong.

“Wishes don’t come true.
Dreams don’t have supernatural meanings.
You can’t be a vampire, a mermaid, or a werewolf.
You can’t send “energy” into anything or anyone. That doesn’t even make any sense!
You can’t read minds, you can’t influence reality in ways that violate basic physics, and you can’t.”

Aside from the energy part – I totally agree with the rest. No real witch claims that magic can defy the laws of nature or physics. As far as energy though – energy work isn’t exclusive to witches. For example, Chinese healing practices such as accupuncture and shiatzu are working with the body’s inherent energy to alleviate ailments and such. Ask your doctor if your thoughts can affect your health, the answer will be yes. If you constantly think you don’t feel well and must be sick, you’re going to make yourself feel sick. It is clinically proven that severe depression can cause physical pain in people. Yes, your mind is connected with your body and sends energy through it!

I have no desire to perform a dog and pony show for such a closed-minded a$$ as James Randi and the media that MUST be present during the process. I don’t claim to be able to perform extravagant “paranormal” feats. What I work with is completely natural, and much of it scientifically explainable.

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