Transparent Quartz Crystal

by admin on April 10, 2010

Transparent Quartz Crystal

Transparent Quartz Crystal

Quartz Worktops – Bringing a classy and exuberant glaze throughout the home

Second only to feldspar, quartz has emerged today as one of the most popular minerals in the world. Enclosed with multi-faceted appearance, this silicone-based element has been utilised for making jewellery of precious gemstones since the beginning of man’s history. Quartz acts as a prism, emitting a rainbow of colours when light is shone upon it. This important feature compels the people of today to use quartz worktops to beautify their kitchens and bathrooms.

Quartz crystals themselves are found in a huge selection of colours, which is another reason they are so often chosen for kitchen and bathroom design schemes. Pure quartz includes a mostly transparent or translucent nature, and the various other minerals that become embedded with quartz crystals lend a whole host of hues to the overall effect. Black, white, grey, citrine yellow, rose and amethyst are the most basic shades in which quartz naturally appears. Other varieties of opaque gemstones that are usually mixed with quartz crystals include carnelian, agate, jasper and tiger’s eye.

This mineral will usually be made of these more pure crystals, yet they can also be made by combining crystals with resins and other combining agents to make a super-hard surface that will resist scratches that can mar other worktop materials. Apart from that, this manufacturing process further strengthens quartz’ resistance to water damage, making this style of mineral one of the most non-porous surfaces available.

As though quartz wasn’t colourful enough in its natural state, the manufactured quartz worktops can be imbued with even more varieties of hues. Pigments can be added during the manufacturing process of these worktops along with the bonding agents – the result is a selection of colour shades that is unequalled in any other natural stone construction material. For this reason, these minerals have become the first choice of kitchen and bath designers.

Another outstanding feature of manufactured quartz worktops is their variety of textures and appearance. This aspect can be controlled in the manufacturing process by utilising either very fine crystals for a smooth, uniform look or larger crystals for a more aggregated appearance. This is yet one more alternative a kitchen designer or a home-owner has available to them in their quest to create a unique and very attractive design scheme that can combine a variety of colours and textures in an overall design pattern.

The maintenance of these minerals is very easy and hassle-free. This is especially true for engineered quartz worktops, which are not only resistant to impact and abrasions, but also resistant to substances commonly found in kitchens, such as oils and acids. Using ordinary household soap and water, the surfaces of these worktops can be cleaned easily. The bonding agents that are utilised in the manufacturing process only add to the scratch-resistant and non-porous nature of these types of Quartz worktops


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128crystal y73 Quartz crystal cluster video 1

Does this discredit Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church?

In 1974, a court trial record turned up in the basement of a county courthouse in upstate New York, where Joseph Smith had lived as a youth, in which he pled guilty to “peepstoning”. The church accepted the authenticity of the document.
“peepstoning” was a common ‘magic’ practice at the time. The practitioner would gaze through magic transparent stones, usually quartz crystals, and supposedly be able to see where gold or other treasures were buried. This is how JS “translated” the Book of Mormon.
One of the principal apologists for the church, Hugh Nibley, once said that “if such a charge were ever proven to be true, it would cast serious doubt on his [Joseph Smith’s] claim [to divine authority and inspiration].”
I am not making fun. I just want people who don’t see it to see the truth behind the lies. I was blind for many years and I can never get those years back, so if I can help just ONE person it’s all worth it.

No more than the “Book of Mormon” itself, and the lack of one iota of archaeological evidence for any of it’s fables.

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