Stone Tumbled

by admin on January 19, 2003

Stone Tumbled

Stone Tumbled

Textured varieties of the Natural Stone

Is natural stone suitable for household application? Can it provide lifelong service? These questions bug the mind of every homemaker during tile installation. All I can say is “YES”. Natural tiles are the terrific choice for household projects. They are high on utility scale. You can apply them as bathroom tile, kitchen tile, wall cladding, floor tile, wall tile, fireplace decoration etc.

The natural stone is a bundle of variety. These varieties come as colors, shapes and textures. Its natural shades bring you closer to the nature. Each tile is distinctive and opens window to the world of creativity. An intelligent interior designer uses this distinctive ability to create a tiling project that reaches beyond imagination.

The finish of the natural stone plays a significant role in the final layout of tiling project. These stones are available in the given below texture.

1 Polished stone: This stone tile has a glossy finish. The material is ideal for a floor tile. However, you should avoid their installation for water-laden surfaces.

2 Honed tiles: These tiles are smoothed with help of squared edges. They aren’t polished; hence they have low probability of slipping and accidents.

3 Tumbled stone: The finish of these natural stone is not as smooth as honed tiles. However, the edges are tumbled slightly to get around edge. This renders a unique feel to the project.

4 Antique tumbled: If you are planning an outdoor installation, then you can go for medium or heavily tumbled stones. The medium tumbled stone is ideal for a rustic look, while the cobbled edges go well with an antique look.

5 Brushed and flamed stones: The texture of the brushed stone is smoothed with help of an acidic treatment. However, the flamed tiles have a dried and rough texture.

Hence, a designer gets the chance to play with natural stone textures as well as colors. So, appoint an interior designer and ask them to revamp your homes with these distinctively beautiful tiles.

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I’m going to install a tumbled travertine backsplash. Is it okay not to fill the natural holes in the stone?

the need to fill the wholes is more that when you grout the lines traditional float method of spreading the grout will fill the wholes and then you sponge the surface clean but you would need to grout the joints with a grout bag to not fill the wholes…the need to fill the wholes is if water can get all the way through to your backer and if so did you use cement backer board?…well if over drywall you should fill the wholes…my preference is to see them filled but as you sponge the grout you can wipe the whole a little deeper to add a 3-d depth and still be watter tight…remember travertine is a very pouris stone and will stain and even mold if you dont seal it with a good silicone stone sealer

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