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by admin on December 20, 2010

Steplike Crystal

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In order to get off drugs, really get off drugs, and not just switch your addiction to another addictive substance, you need five things:

The guts to look at the situation as it is

Nothing will happen until you face the truth about your addiction. If you think this is not a necessary step, think again. When I say you need to face the situation AS IT IS, that is exactly what I mean. Be honest about what you are doing and how much you use or feel the urge to use.

Until you see what is really happening, you will not have the strength to quit. Nor will you have a strong enough purpose to go through what you must go through.

The decision to stop drinking or using drugs

This could be a very quick step. It might already be done at this point. But if it is missing, skip all the rest of your efforts. You will fail.

You need a plan

Any project or endeavor, no matter how large is done a step at a time. Lay out the different things you need to do to make your recovery actually happen. I mean write them on a paper and keep it with you. It can be really simple, as long as each step of the plan is something you actually do. Be careful not to include steps like, “Think about what getting stoned did to me.” You cannot DO a step like, “Stay away from the bar.” It is not something you can finish and say, ‘Done’.

You need help

This does not necessarily mean signing up at a Narconon program or some other center for drug detox and rehab, but it might.

More often, this would be the help of a friend who cares about you or a parent or spouse. Getting through the toughest days will be much easier if you have someone with which to share. But if needed, getting professional treatment that will not simply throw more drugs at the problem must be done and you might as well just, “git ‘er done”.

Finally, there must be a purpose in your life

You need something to do, and it has to be real and it also needs to be a positive thing that carries your life forward in a direction you can be proud of.

Usually this purpose is already right in front of you; a family; children to raise and care for; a wife or husband who needs you to be 100%. If there is no such purpose, no goal or accomplishment that is powerful enough to keep you occupied, get one. If you do not, your addiction will basically be on hold, it will simply be just be waiting for you to trip or have a bad day.

There are many other things that can help an addict beat addiction, but with these five ingredients, your recovery will be swift and eventually, complete!

Tony Bylsma CCDC, is a rehabilitation counselor and drug prevention speaker in Los Angeles

His blog is:

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