Sphere Ball Healing

by admin on March 22, 2010

Sphere Ball Healing

Sphere Ball Healing

Final Fantasy X – Game Secrets

Final Fantasy X was the first of the Final Fantasy series to be released for the Sony Playstation 2 and was also the first of the series to feature full character voiceovers and advanced facial expressions. Final Fantasy X helped to revolutionise gaming and played a big part in creating gaming as we know it today. With breathtaking graphics and a great story line with a twist at the end, Final Fantasy X will forever be remembered by gamers all around the world.

Second Overdrive for Valefor
There is a second overdrive available for Valefor which can be attained once Yuna joins the party. To attain it, return to Besaid and speak to the little girl with her dog. She is normally near the temple, but at times can be found in the item shop. The second overdrive, Energy Blast, is more powerful and inflicts extra damage at the cost of a greater recovery time.

Secret Farplane Scene
After you get access to the airship, head back to Guadosalam. When you arrive, follow Trommel up to the Farplane. You can view the secret scene by talking with Lulu.

Easy Blitzball Experience
When in the midst of playing a Blitzball game, swim behind the goalie and the opposition should give up the chase and return to the other end of the arena. Once you have done this, you can pass the ball between the players that you want to get extra experience for. Each completed pass will result in 1 experience point. This can be repeated for an entire game if you wish and you can easily level up your team.

Defeat Evrae Atlana the Easy Way
While you are underwater in the depths of Bevelle you will come across a large boss fiend by the name of Evrae Atlana. This fiend can be easily defeated through the use of healing items. Using phoenix down’s is by far the easiest way to defeat this boss because it is afflicted with zombie status. This will also work for any other fiend afflicted with zombie.

Get Yojimbo at a Lower Price
When you reach the end of the Cavern of the Stolen Faith and speak with Yojimbo, wait for him to make his offer. His first offer is around 300,000 Gil. Offer him half of this plus one Gil and he will lower his asking price. After he counters your offer, raise the offer by one more Gil. Again he will counter your offer. This time offer him about 5,000 – 10,000 Gil less than he is asking (about 190,000 Gil should suffice) and he should take it. If he doesn’t, just repeat the process.

Offering Yojimbo three times what he wants will not only gain you Yojimbo as an aeon, but he will also give you 2 teleport spheres.

These are what I consider to be the most useful tips for Final Fantasy X. A great game, Final Fantasy X will offer hours of great gaming for the individual with an entire world to explore.

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Rate my pokemon diamond team w/advice?

Here is my diamond party. Please rate P.S. This is A.R. and Gameshark free, because I never want to use that cause every one hates you and you dont feel as good about yourself(cause then u suck).I just work hard.

Level 100 Mewtwo
-Shock Wave
-Shadow Ball
-Aura Sphere

Level 100 Venusaur
-Solar Beam
-Secret Power
-Razor Leaf
-Sludge Bomb

Level 82 Articuno
-Ice Beam

Level 81 Infernape
-Fire Blast
-Mach Punch
-Flame Wheel
-Close Combat

Level 72 Giratina
-Shadow Force
-Heal Block
-Earth Power

And for #6, I have a few pokemon in the running:

-Heatran Lv. 70
-Regigigas Lv. 70 (has Pokerus)
-Groudon Lv.68
-Deoxys Lv. 51 (got in Gamestop event)

I could also bring in from sapphire:

-Blaziken Lv. 76
-Rayquaza Lv. 74
-Kyogre Lv. 47

Someone please rate and help!

I like it alot. Mine are Giratina, Rayquaza, Palkia, Dialga, Lugia, and Darkrai. All level 100. But anyways i like your lineup. I showed u mine just if u had any ideas

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