Smoky Smokey

by admin on February 4, 2010

Smoky Smokey

Smoky Smokey

How to create Sultry Smoky Eyes in 3 easy Steps

Ancient Egyptians are said to have rubbed kohl around their eyes in imitation of their sun god; these days we do the same because of magazine cover divas and our favorite celebrities.  There is nothing more come-hither than a smoky eye  simply because it recreates the look of  “bedroom eyes”–but piling up layers of black liner and shadow will give you more of a black-eye effect than the sex goddess look you’re after. For this look, I recommend a creamy black  pencil combined with a shimmery medium gray shadow instead of a matte charcoal. This will help you create a halo of gray around your eyes.  Not to worry my loves! I’ve got a foolproof 3-step guide that will have heads turning and all “eyes” on you! Read on…

Step 1- Line Eyes
Begin by placing your finger at the outer corner of your eye and gently lift the skin up and out slightly. Hold the black pencil as close to the upper lash line as possible and draw short feathery strokes from the outer lashes inward, creating a thick line.  Line the bottom lashes-but don’t worry about making it perfect as you will smudge it with a smudge brush or a cotton swab.

Step 2-Add Shadow
Hold a folded tissue under your bottom lashes to catch shadow dust (this will prevent the dreaded raccoon look!). Dip a small eye-shadow brush in a gray shadow; tap off excess. The color should be darkest by your lashes to create a “gradient effect” of darker to lightest. So start at the outer corner and apply the shade across your lid using feathery strokes and keeping it real close to the lash line. Use a blending brush to blend the shadow up to the crease.

Step 3-Blend

Any professional makeup artist will tell you that the trick to beautiful, flawless makeup is to blend baby blend! it should almost look as if you slept in your makeup (not that i would EVER encourage this!!).  After you blend up to the crease, then using the same blending brush blend everything into a haze by whisking your brush over any edges of color. Reload the brush with shadow, tap off the excess, and sweep the bristles back and forth in the crease to add some depth. Finally, curl your lashes, and apply two coats of mascara. If your shadow is too intense you can do one of two things- continue blending away into a haze or add a little translucent powder to your lids would complete this look with groom eyebrows, flushed pink cheeks and nude glossy lips. Happy Smoking!!!(your eyes…)

About the Author

Chantal Savinon-Soto is a board certified esthetician, makeup artist, educator, speaker and contributing beauty expert with over 13 years of experience. She is the founder and owner of Chantal Sauvignon, Inc. in Miami, Florida. She specializes in Multimedia, Production, Commercial, and Print. To contact Chantal please visit her website, email or call 786-877-2712.

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Basic Smoky / Smokey Eyes

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