Smoky Crystal

by admin on July 31, 2010

Smoky Crystal

Smoky Crystal

Citrine, a versatile gemstone, is a beautiful, sun-kissed, yellow-hued rock crystal. This pretty little charm has derived its name from French for lemon, ‘citron’. It is quite a popular one since it comes in slightly variant yet demanded shades of yellow.

It belongs to most abundant of the gemstone families, Quartz. Citrine as a loose gemstone is a gem collectors’ pride. In addition, it serves a best bargain for customized jewelry too. This gem is seen in colors like yellow, amber to amber brown. Pastel lemon yellow to deep reddish brown and amber is the color palette of citrine too.

A blessed gemstone for November born, this is an accepted gem for 13th and 17th wedding anniversary. It was believed to ward off evil thoughts from mind and serve a great cure for snake venom. It has medicinal properties like helping organs like heart, kidney, digestive tract, liver, and muscles. Qualities like creativity, and elimination of self destruction feelings.

Loose citrine gemstone is also known as quartz topaz, citrine topaz, or topaz which are misnomers. The only right name for this stone is citrine. Apart from lighter versions, darker ones are found too. Naturally occurring Palmeira and Madeira Citrine, both are natural citrines. These are valuable gems of this category.

PalmeiraCitrine reflects a bright orange-amber shade. Madeira Citrine is an enthralling deep brandy hue. Citrine is an easily affordable one. However, just like the rest, darker and intensely colored specimen, would demand greater price than the paler one.

Actually, citrine comes from heated amethyst. Therefore, to bring to the notice of buyers, almost all citrine gems are heat treated. They are heated to 750-930F (400-500C), to achieve the desired red tint which a natural one lacks. A heat treated pale amethyst or smoky quartz turns into a sharp lemon lime citrine.

However, a heated citrine is usually less costly. Normally this is revealed by the price: Heat treatment is usually not permanent and gemstone tends to fade and lose color after a couple of years’ exposure to sun. Talking about its clarity, which is transparent to translucent in nature, it is a vitreous luster gemstone with almost no inclusion. However, if present any, then they are removed while cutting of rough.

Citrine, a type of quartz, should never be mistaken with a topaz which usually happens. It has a hardness of 7 Mohs’ scale which makes it a soft gemstone however durable on terms of color and durability. Therefore, it is less expensive than topaz. Still it makes a wearable gem which is supplied in plentiful and large sizes.

Care should be taken of this gemstone since it does not have a great lifespan. Being a soft natured gemstone, it is a scratch prone gem. Its facets wear down as a customized citrine jewelry turns antique as years pass. Imitations are always present of this gemstone.

Citrine gemstone is sourced from Africa, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Burma, and Spain. The other gemstones of quartz family are colorless quartz, smoky quartz, tourmalinated quartz, rutilated quartz, strawberry quartz, amethyst and yellow quartz.

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