Round Pendulum

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Round Pendulum

Round Pendulum

Give the Gift of Decorative Time

Out of the millions of homes in the United States, there is one item that continuously makes an appearance in some form or another. Every household displays at least three to five clocks within a home. Since clocks serve the very important function of alerting the current time, it is a plus when they magically transform the décor of any room. This is why clocks make perfect gifts for any occasion, including birthdays, Christmas, graduations, and commemorative moments, such as weddings and anniversaries.

Since the start of ancient civilizations, humans have come up with ways to tell time. Over the past 4,500 years, the methods and styles of time telling have become quite advanced to the point that with a click of a button, an assortment of never-ending clock ideas and features located across the World Wide Web is ready for the choosing. While improving the accuracy of timekeeping devices has been an important goal, the majority of clock styles on the market are created to mainly elevate the décor within a home.

Today, we no longer depend on primitive sundials and water-operated fountain clocks. We thank the invention of coiled springs in the 1400s, which allowed the creation of smaller clocks. Without the genius of Christiaan Huygens in 1656, the pendulum clock (with weights and a swinging pendulum) would cease to exist.

Decorative Clocks

Since clocks are responsible for a rather important everyday task, and have become quite the popular decorating elements – they make exceptional gifts that easily turn into memorable keepsakes. This includes wall selections, tabletop pieces, elaborate wrought iron creations, and even options that withstand Mother Nature, as seen with indoor-outdoor clocks.

The flower lover may enjoy the Boutique Roses Wall Clock, which comes with a classic round shape, antique finish, and Roman numeral face. The antique bouquet of roses accent can uplift a kitchen or add charm to a sewing room. With the Carl Jorgen Wall Clock, a more futuristic design emerges, which is great for a teenage décor or bar room. Western-themed décor would benefit from the Cowboy Wall Clock or Boots Wall Clock from Home Furnishing Boutique. When looking to give the gift of novelty, the Gear Wall Clock offers a different appeal to a hallway or foyer.

Specialty Clocks

When it comes to celebrating a special occasion, these particular moments call for a specialty clock that serves as a constant reminder for the achievement of a graduating college senior or the admiration you hold for your parent’s 25 solid years of marriage. The anniversary clocks offered at Home Furnishing Boutique provide the perfect gestures to honor ever-lasting love. With the Dominion Solid Brass Gold Plated Anniversary Clock, the cozy round shape shines with solid brass and gold plating. Customization is possible on the interior or exterior of the clock lid.

With the Executive Walnut Finish Plaque Anniversary Clock, the attractive solid hardwood with a classic walnut finish easily adds a memorable touch to a desk, shelf, or mantle. With this customizable clock, receivers of this gift readily enjoy the additional medallion and brass nameplate that accompanies the display. However, the whimsical Jubilee Brass with Glass Dome Anniversary Clock makes the perfect accompaniment for a fireplace with its appealing brass finish and metal casing. Additional features sealed within the glass dome include the brass pillars, and a pendulum that delicately sways with Swarovsky crystal and a two-tone diamond cut dial ring – a complete eye catcher.

Want to pair a keepsake clock with a photo of the grandkids? Consider the Desk Portrait Solid Brass Desk Clock, which allows Grandma and Grandpa to greet their grandchildren when telling the time. Other clocks that make great anniversary gifts, includes the Lord Baltimore Solid Brass Pedestal Clock and the lantern-style looking Wentworth Brass Finish Carriage Style Desk Clock.

USA Wooden Clocks

Home Furnishing Boutique also supplies a collection of fine, handmade wooden clocks fashioned in the U.S.A with mantle and wall styles to consider. Have you ever walked into the home of a relative and noticed that their fireplace seemed a bit bare? In order to add to their décor, consider an attractive wooden mantle clock of solid cherry, white maple, or colored oak.

With the Crystal Seville Ball Pendulum Mantle Clock, the solid cherry wood cabinet and warm cherry finish showcases a mesmerizing Swarovsky crystal ball pendulum surrounded by twisted brass pillars and a diamond-cut rose pattern found on the dial. The Seville Solid Cherry Glass Window Mantle Clock offers a round, open dial of brass and silver and cathedral windows – joined by Roman numerals. You also have the choice of clocks that not only display the time, but also emit single and dual chimes.

As for wooden wall clocks, the fascinating display that a pendulum clock delivers can create a completely different look to a room. A classic style wall clock can make an attractive addition to the newly remodeled bathroom at your best friend’s house. Perhaps Grandma would enjoy the Carlisle Oak American Classic Replica Schoolhouse Wall Clock with an oak cabinet and finish for the kitchen. Overall, wooden wall clocks have the power to add character and charm to any room in a house with an array of dark antique finishes and traditional styles.

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No One Knows, by Pendulum (with Lyrics)

I need help with some Physics Problems?

Problem 1: A merry-go-round accelerating uniformly from rest archieves its operating speed of 2.5 rpm in 5 revolutions. What is the magnitude of its angular acceleration?

Problem 2:A simple pendulum of length 2.00 mts is released from a horizontal position. When it makes an angle of 30 degrees from the vertical, determine its angular acceleration, its centripetal acceleration, and the tension in the string. Assume the bob’s mass is 1.5 kg

ω^2 = ω0^2 + 2αθ
Plugging ω0 = 0, ω = 2.5 rpm, θ = 5 rpm
=> (2.5)^2 = 0 + 2α*5
=> α = 0.625 rev/m^2.

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