Reiki Heal

by admin on May 20, 2003

Reiki Heal

Reiki Heal

Reiki Healing Benefits

Reiki techniques are used to heal the body, mind and the spirit. Reiki is a natural form of energy healing, using varying frequencies of energy to heal at all levels. Energy is channeled by the practitioner and directed through the hands to wherever it is needed. Reiki healing complements Eastern and Western medicine and everybody can benefit from it.It is beneficial to the health of woman (even pregnant), man, children and it is also excellent to be used on animals (dogs, cats, horses), plants, water, etc. Reiki has not only helped patients with physical ailments but also helped those with minor psychological problems as well.

Reiki has even helped people to improve their overall personality. There are many benefits of Reiki. One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the bodies natural healing abilities, and improves and maintains health. Reiki healing is a natural therapy that gently balances life energies and brings health and well being to the recipient. Reiki healing can help with accute and chronic problems and aides the breaking of addictions. Reiki encourages and supports positive personal change such as improving the diet, having more rest, exercise or leisure time, and may reduce the need for alcohol and tobacco.

Reiki can permit us to react more calmly to all events, and construct on a much capable country of being. Reiki is a mild vitality and may be used safely by all ages, including the newborn, pregnant mothers, postoperative patients, the infirm and the older, irrespective of their country of health. Reiki can heighten mundane living, and routine sessions assist to ward-off sickness and tiredness. Other benefits of Reiki include healed relationships, finding one’s Divine Purpose, manifesting living goals, awakening the therapist within, cleansing the system from toxins, enhancing creativity, and many others.

To provide then many benefits, Reiki is amazingly mild and nurturing. It can be far more powerful for the individual who opens their mind, heart and soul to the process wholly and freely. A treatment plan will be discussed with you, and reviewed as necessary. This will always be subject to your own preferences, and can be changed at any time according to progress. Reiki does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of urgent concern. Reiki is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox healthcare, so expanding treatment options.

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Reiki Natural Healing Therapy

Can you heal a broken heart with reiki?

I don’t know about healing it but it will definitely correct all your energies and make you feel calmer and more relaxed. I have reiki for pain management and it really works so i’d give it a go.

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