Red Quartz

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Red Quartz

Red Quartz

Quartz Worktops – Multipurpose and innovative worktops

Today’s generation is of very trendy and creative people, who want their home interiors decoration in a modern and delegate manner. Many people are looking for various natural stones for using them as kitchen worktops, floor tiles and bathroom tiles like Granite, Limestone and Quartz. Quartz worktops are very commonly used as a material for renovating and redesigning stuff but mostly as engineered or man-made worktops.

Quartz Worktops is modern material which is being used by many people mostly in renovating and redesigning their kitchen. It is mixture of Quartz and Resin producing a very hard wearing surface, which is more than capable of withstanding most of the impacts caused by daily use. Most of these worktops are non porous and stain resistant, so there is hardly any surface sealing or maintenance required. It has a wider range of colors as compare to any other natural stone say for; light gray or vivid Red’s / Blue’s / Green’s. The cost of it is not cheap but quite affordable at about 75% of the cost of Granite.

Quartz worktops are non porous & scratch resistant and are extremely hygienic. Some also have antibacterial properties. Cleaning of this material can be best achieved with a damp cloth and a small quantity of non bleach household cleaner.

The major brands of Quartz worktops are Silestone, Zodiac, Ceaserstone, Q-Stone and are easily available in the market form a large number of stockists across the country.

Quartz worktops are best suited to the contemporary interior design. It is also sited to the wide range of applications, for example from office to home, from kitchen to study. There is a huge demand of these worktops as it is widely used in creating offices, bars and restaurants, and even the hospitals. It all depends on the purpose of the worktops that which color to opt.

Depending on the final specifications given to the quartz worktop provider, its best to get the cutting, polishing of these materials at the shop and get the final delivery as well as the fitting done after everything is completed. This is because the procedure can get very messy and noisy and inconvenient too.

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Red Quartz Sterling Silver Statement Ring

Has anyone bought a Tansun Algarve Patio heater – and are they any good ?

This is either a 1.3Kw or 2Kw quartz electric patio heater. They use short wave infra-red as a way of heating you. They are quite expensive so I don’t want to buy one if they are no good.

I don’t own one, but I have experienced one in a bar that I frequent. Since indoor smoking is banned in public places in my town, the bar I hang out at has a small outdoor patio out back where smokers can go. They have a Tansun unit for heat and it seems to do a reasonable job as long as the temperatures are not much below 50 degrees fahrenheit. It kind of feels like you are sitting around a campfire where you are heated on one side, and freezing on the other. The colder the temperature, the more noticeable the effect. At temps above 50 degrees, it seems to take the chill off. At temps below 50, you want to turn and heat your other side every so often. I know the bar owner paid over $250 for the unit and us smokers appreciate it. I don’t think I would buy one for use in my home, but then we don’t spend a lot of time on the patio when it is really cold outside.

Good luck with your patio heating project.

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