Pendulum Metaphysical

by admin on March 16, 2011

Pendulum Metaphysical

Pendulum Metaphysical

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Creating and using a Pendulum | How does it work?

Can I figure out dates with my dowsing pendulum?

There’s this guy I like who my pendulum told me was bisexual. He winked at me once. And he smiles at me all the time. I made different charts for percents, letters, number, and months. I asked when the guy was going to come out of the closet, it said July 15th 2011. Then I asked when he was going to ask me out, it said October 16th.
How do I know if this is correct?
This is for dowsers and/or anyone into metaphysical studies.
and plz dont say just ask him out. I go to an all boys school full of black boys and they dont take to kindly to my “kind”.

How about just asking him and speed up the process?
I’m pretty sure your mumbo-gumbo skiddlededoo won’t calculate it if YOU ask him out.

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